LG GSA-4163B problem



I have not been able to burn TTG01 Tuffdisk DVD-Rs at 16x. It seems to be set at 2x or 4x. I am burning with nero ultra…yes i have UDMA 2 on all IDEs and i have used MCSE to update the firmware to 105A and change the TTG01 from 4x nad 2x to 16x, 12x and 8x but it still won’t let me burn any higher…weird…i have a 16x dvdr drive and 16x dvd-r discs and i can’t burn them…hummmmmm…can anyone help?


Crap media - no surprise.

Try with better media.


Have you tried the A106 firmware? There’s a link to it in the LG forum, if you do a search for “A106 firmware”.


As chef said, Tuffdisk is crappy media…I find the LG4163 burns just fine, as long as it’s fed quality stuff. :wink:


Well i’ve looked at the A106 firmware update and it still lists the TTG01 as 2x and 4x…i’ve used MCSE to rename the old file and i’ve renamed a 16x named brand is this correct for updating firmware?

I’m still gettinmg 4x and 2x speeds…plus i have one hundered tuff disks to get through!


Ohhh and thanks for the advie already guys :wink:


I just looked on www.videohelp.com at the specs for that media code - and it would appear that 4x is their rated speed.

So in fact you’d like to overspeed them? In my experience, the LG4163 only overspeeds quality media. :wink:

Although you could play with MCSE a bit more…read any of the MSCE threads to see how people do it…

Where did you buy those discs, and were they advertised as being 16x media?


I bought them from Ebay and they have 16X printed on them…weird


Hopefully a lesson learned - never buy media off ebay! :disagree:

I’m guessing you may be based in the UK…if so, www.svp.co.uk sells media that is exactly what they advertise. :wink:

Edit: I see the post sequence is out of whack again :rolleyes:


Hi There, sorry for posting here and change the problem question, but i have the same burner, and a weird problem i dont know how to solve.
I bought the 4163b bout 3 months, was ok at the beginning, but know, i cant copy nothing, when i start a project and hit the Burn button it eject the cd/dvd saying please insert a new blank cd/dvd. I tried different cd/dvd but the same. Aswell with other softs. I was using nero 7, and i tried with anothers. I didnt update nothing since installed.
Some idea of what could this be ?? Thx a lot in advance.


Up date to firmware A106 just search in google with the model GSA-4163B and A106 firmware…thats what i did!



I’ve just looked at the MCSE info and if these Tuffdisks are really 4X and not 16X even though they are branded at 16X i can’t even update em as they are -R 4X…what a load of arse…i’m gonna get onto ebay about this guy!


Are they really TTG01 or could it be MCSE misreading a new type of disk?


Thanks for the advcie before!

I know these are 16X disks as i have had 4x and 8x tuffdisks before and they all read as TTG01 in dvd identifier

so is it a problem with MCSE, dvd identifier or are these disks really crap…?


You had TTG01 Tuffdiscs that burned at 8x? I’m surprised, all the media listed on videohelp.com with that code are 4x (TDK etc).

Just did a search here on CDF too - here is a thread that lists TTG01 and its rated speed. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=143355&highlight=TTG01


Also, it’s possible that your previous TTG01s oversped to 8x because they were better media. Tuffdisc is variable (and that’s putting it kindly), so maybe this batch of so-called 16x ones is of lesser quality.


sorry i didn’t word that very well!

I’ve had TTG01 at 4x then i borrowed some 8x that a friend had and they burnt at 4x then i bought some 16X and they burnt at 8X

Luckily i have some AMC 002 disks which i have updated with the A106 firmware and changed to 16x and 12x even though they are branded at 8x and they burn fine at 16.2 and 12.2…bloody lovely but i still have 100 shitty tuffdisk 16X(but obviously 4x) disks…maybe i’ll try ebay LOL! :wink:

what do u think?


sorry the 16X burnt at 4x not 8x


yea i’m uk based…in liverpool at uni but from manchester then cheltenham! :wink:


If it were me, I wouldn’t waste them - use them as “buddy discs” (discs for friends), temporary data storage (emphasis on “temporary” there)…or whatever you choose. I have a crapload of Ritek R03 discs, which I daren’t use for myself…but they’re ideal for the situations mentioned :slight_smile:

You may have to sit tight and burn them at 4x, though.

Gotcha ;)…honestly, try SVP in future, their prices are good, and a lot of us here use them!


what would you recommend from SVP with my dvdr?

what have u had experience with?