Lg gsa 4163b problem with read rate

well sorry because i know very little about dvds, my problem is that when i made the iso of a dvd for example of a movie without compression ( i use dvddecrypter or alcohol or dvdshrink) my read rate is at 4x or 5x and then it start increasing but not too much. the question is, is this normal? because the dvd read at 16, which is the normal read speed when we make iso of dvds?

LG drives use riplock to slow down reading DVD-Rom.
Your transfer rates are normal.


thank you so much for your answer, ok its normal but even if i am not ripping nothing like a movie of 4.5 gb and i make a iso of that movie ( not from a movie that is of 9gbs )

well i take conclucions too quicky because when the iso is up to de 80 percent the read rate is at 9x and it goes up to 10x, is it normal now? ( it started always at 4x)

Yes, that is normal for the 4163B. It reads single layer pressed DVD movie discs at max 10x speed and pressed DL movie discs at max 8x because of riplock. DVD+R/-R discs are read at max 10x as well. The only discs is can read at 16x are single layer pressed DVD discs (e.g. a game which comes as a DVD disc).

Oddly enough, the drive can burn at 16x. So you have a drive that actually burns faster than it reads.

Usually the read speed at the beginning of a pressed SL DVD movie disc or DVD+R/-R disc is always about 4x and it speeds up to 10x at the end. So, yes what you are seeing is normal. I don’t think there are any drives which actually start reading at the start of the disc at 16x and stay the same speed all the way through.