LG GSA-4163B : problem when i use to burn dvd



i bought the dvd for a few days. When i try to burn a dvd, i found the capacity indicated at the bottom is wrong. i am using nero express oem version In the file adding panel, the capacity is over 8000MB(default!?). But i put the 4.7G single layer disc in. The firmware is update(A104). How can i fix this problem?


choose the dvd mode
then you can burn dvd


Where? there are only 2 choices- cdr and dvd
when i choose dvd, the capacity imove to 8000MB…> <
can you post a screen capture?


And Update your Nero to latest version.



Hi. Put the empty DVD into the burner before you start the program (Nero). It will automatically adjust the indicated capacity to 4.7 GB. The reason is that 4163B is a dual layer burner so Nero can’t tell whether you want to burn a single layer disc or a dual layer disc, untill you put it into your burner.


> <…it solved after i use the update.
thx alot~