Lg gsa-4163b pma failure

Hi.I got pma failure error when burning disks with nero?Burner was working earlier but yesterday it stopped.
Burner fw is A106.
Mb: Abit IB9
CPU: E6400
This mb has ite atapi controller for pata devices, i thinj that this is reason for problems.
Please help

Hi and Welcome!
[B]P[/B]MA failure or [B]D[/B]MA failure? Just to be sure.

As LG drives are very picky if connected to additional IDE controllers (IDE/USB included), this might indeed be the reason for your problem.
You may try:

[ul][li] replace the IDE cable by a new one, ideally an 80wired, 18" (45cm) flat ribbon cable
[/li][li] setting the controller to IDE or some other non-RAID operating mode
[/li][li] installing either newer drivers for the controller or try to replace them by MS standard drivers (I am not sure if such is possible, but it is wort trying).