LG GSA-4163B Overburning Information

Hi guys.

This is my first post after 2 years (and i had to re-register :slight_smile: )

I just bought the GSA-4163B. I bought it cos i been in Italy and i seen a DVD collection of some guy, i nice collection (all of DVDR) and the movies was in very high quality + the sound in different languages (5.1 ch too). I have tried making it in my DVD-R of 4.3 GB but failed…
I was looking for some overburn advices, has anyone ever overburned with this burner??? How much MB do u think i can go over 4500 ??

Any advic will be very helpfull… thx

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It’s impossible to burn over 4.5GB instead of up to 4.3GB (which is about 4.7 billion bytes.)

it was GuJack20 (the same as now) :slight_smile:

The 4163B cannot overburn DVDs at all. Have a look at the section on overburning in this review. They tried overburning using several different brands of DVD+R and DVD-R media on the 4163B. It failed every time.

As I understand it, very few DVD writers can overburn DVD media. I don’t think it is wise to overburn DVD media anyway. Most people have enough problems making sure their data is still readable after about a year on normally burned DVD media. If you overburn you are probably risking your data.

thx guys for the fast replies

Underburning is more practical. :slight_smile:

what technique do u think used that guy i mentioned in my first post??? Is it possible for a movie in a dvd-9 to be fitted in a 4.5 without loosing quality…? I have tested before with DVD shrink but i got scarsed results… (maybe i’m out of topic) :frowning:

Without removing some languages and more, no software can reduce file size drastically while keeping the video quality same. For me, compressing about 5-8GB to SL size worked well. Compared to the price difference beteween DL and SL recordable media, the video quality still remains much better than VCD or MPEG-4. Another option is to use HDD for DL movies.

thx Kenshin.

If you have to reduce the size of the dvd, you will achieve much better results with DVD Rebuilder. It can take up to a day to recode the movie, but it uses a better encoder. Support forum here.

thx Xterminator…
i have installed it and trying with different DVDs… i got no results yet cos as u said it takes a long time…but when it finishes let’s hope it has done a good job :slight_smile:

Wow… I got wonderful results… i just encoded LOTR and got extreme quality…

Thx Xterminator for letting me know of this great tool…

High-quality encoding typically requires a very long time. Electricity’s too expensive for me to encode a DVD in one day but if it takes nearly no money for your CPU to do the same work, why not? :slight_smile:

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Are you sure the movies were DVD-R and not DVD+R DL discs??

Namoh thanks for the welcome.

I’m sure…cos he gave me some unburned discs and i checked them… they’re DVD-R 8X

I have another question…
does anyone know why i get “DVD files realocation failed…” in Nero when i try to burn in DVD-Video mode? i burn the DVD anyway and it plays OK but this error concerns me…Is it a burner or a software problem ???

That message indicates some of the files do not follow the standard for a dvd video, at least according to Nero. Sometimes it is a real problem, most of the time it is not. Probably, someone has removed some parts of the dvd and did a sloppy job.
I always try to play the folder with Power DVD and if I can watch the video, I burn it.
If it does not play, you can sometimes fix the problem by using a recoding program and only select the main movie. You lose the menu, but that did not work anyway.

For finding more about DVD burning, make use of various DVD software forums of Club CDFreaks where some transcoding/encoding/burning software experts and guides wait.

yeah Kenshin…after writing that question a looked that the response was on other threads…i beg my pardon not to have searched before…

Xterminator…the problem appears when i try to burn the files created from DVD-RB… i think that is a false alarm cos all the DVDs i created till now play ok in my players…