LG GSA-4163B or Sony NEC ND-3550A



Hi… this is my first post so I apologize if it’s silly.

I have an LG GSA-4163B. I use it for burning DVDs and ripping CDs with EAC, and I’m quite happy with it. Now, my friend needs this specific burner (it’s a long story) and offered to give me his Sony NEC ND-3550A in return. I don’t really know much about burners, and I don’t mind helping him as long as what I get is more or less around the same level (or better)… so, should I?

Any advice would be appreciated…


The LG is older but tried and true and I still use mine. The 3550 also burns well and it has a colorful past with it’s ability to upgrade it to 4551 which will cause all kind of comments both good and bad. It’s a toss up to me as they both get the job done.


Ohhh. That LG4163B is legendary - terrific burner, both for DVD and CDs.

I have one, and though it’s older as mentioned, I wouldn’t part with mine til it died completely :wink:

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