LG GSA-4163B only burning at 2x! Help!



Hey all, I just got my new LG GSA-4163B DVD Burner. I am new to DVD burners. In short, when I burn it seems to limit at 2x. I bought Imation 8x DVDs, OK probably not the best but thats what I got right now.

See my results…

I have a P4 2.45GHz, 1GB PC2700, SATA HD, And my DVD drive.
When I do a test it only tests at 1x & 2x, nothing higher. Claims cpu utilization is at 88%+ when burning at 2x DVD, thats not right!

Can anyone help me figure out what my bottle neck is here?



The burst rate is only 3MB/s! Check your DMA settings, it should be UDMA2 (or UDMA4) and burst rate >22MB/s.


Also make sure you have an 80 pin cable.


Hey, thanks. I check my DMA and it was already set to DMA 2. I removed the IDE Controllers, rebooted and it reinstalled the IDE controller drives. I reconfigured for DMA, voila. I’m up at 26MB/s burst! My DVDs start buring at 4.2x now and ramp up to 10.3x. I can’t seem to configure nero for 16x though, strange. The maximum is 8x, how can I fix that? I have Nero


Good to hear you solved the problem.

Not all media can be burn @16x. If you are referring to FUJIFILM003 8x DVD-R (from your no-ip link), your 4163 definitely wont burn it @16x. Check out LG forum here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=91


I used the Nero InfoTool and it shows the maximum drive write speed as 8x! That shouldn’t be right. Ideas?



Click on the “Disc” tab and what does it says there? Also see my last post.


The disc tab says 4x-8x. I know I can’t burn this media at 16x but I thought I could still have the settings to do a simulation to see how my throughput is.

Thanks for the help!