LG GSA-4163B not recognizing Video DVDs



I’m sorry to report a faulty DVD-writer, three days old and it already feels like three weeks of frustration. Let me explain.

Looking to buy my first DVD-writer, I settled on this model (LG GSA-4163B), as the Poineer DVR-109 and NEC-3520 didn’t have either “two sheep” rating by CloneCD, or Bit setting capabilities, or both. Liteon SOHW-1653S just fell off my shortlist because of bad reviews regarding the media compatibility.

Specific trouble I’m experiencing is that DVD-ROM discs are going fine (I think) reading-wise, but the DVD-Videos are_not_being_recognized. In one instance, it took me better part of four hours, opening and closing the drawer to get the disc recognized, and DVD Decryptor took 1 hour 50 minutes to rip the files, producing many errors even after retries. Funny thing is that the discs themselves are not damaged or dirty, and play begins in my Sony DVD Player in a matter of seconds. They are also being recognized in a Matsushita 8583A DVD-ROM (1999 vintage).

I was starting to think that it may be some form of copy protection or something, but searching the net yielded no results. I have even burned two DVD-R discs (TDK 8x) without the burner reporting any errors, only to find they stop playing around 1hr. 20 mark, with gross artifacts and skipping 3-4 minutes at a time. Running a quality scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed wasn’t possible, as LG writer doesn’t support it, and the transfer rate test failed around the middle of the graph, reporting CRC errors (uncorrectable errors) or something like that. I ran the scan on the Matsushita DVD-ROM, as I’ve already lost faith in LG.

I’m not asking for help, but instead offering this little episode to whoever happens to get stuck with similar symptoms. They are definitely NOT the symptoms of a copy protection of any kind, but a hardware failure. My machine is in a decent condition, Athlon XP 2600, not overclocked, and not misconfigured in any way. There were no misterious freezes, hardware conflicts, or any other troubles before the installation of LG writer, or after it, just what I describe here.

My only conclusion is that I have ended up with a dud writer, and I’ll be making a little visit to the shop tomorrow. If they are reasonable, they will let me swap it for a LiteOn 1653S, as I have lost faith in LG for good. If not, well… someone’s gonna wear it…

All the best, and keep up the good work, people. Knowledge is indeed - Power. And there is no limit to it.


Freezing when copying dvd, example:


IMO getting LiteOn for LG is not a good deal.


Um… not quite relevant.

Freezing isn’t a problem when I use 6-years old DVD-ROM to read ANY of the DVDs I have. Problem is LG won’t recognize the disc until after numerous attempts at it. When it eventually does, it gets read errors, speed drops, retry after retry, until it eventually just starts skipping “faulty” sectors. Again, none of it happens on a 1999 Matsushita 8583 DVD-ROM. DVD is being read in 1/4 of the time, and not a single error. Different DVDs too, the only common denominator is the LG.

I agree with LiteOn - LG comparison, or rather, I would have agreed before I bought this writer. Now, thinking back to when I bought my LG Flatron monitor, with crooked picture that stayed slightly crooked even after a warranty repair…

I just have a feeling LG is churning lots of cheap quickly-bunged-together crap these days, when it comes to consumer grade electronics, that’s all. I’d rather have something rated a bit lower than LG in the reviews, that I did have good experience with, hence - LiteOn.


Its your choice. But when companies are building the quantity of units that the market demands, there are bound to be the odd faulty one out there. This appleas to ALL manufacturers. As long as they are willing to replace it, no problem, other than a little inconvenience. Its the same in any market.

All my writers have been LG because they have worked well for me. To generalize thal LG is churning out crap does not add up. In todays markets, any “crap” is quickly found out, especially on the web, and the company suffers because this information spreads so quickly.

But i do sympathise, i will never go near an AMD/VIA computer system ever again due to problems i had, but i am aware both companies have made huge strides and my predjudice is probably un-justified.

If i were you, i would just get the shop to replace it, but, i am not you so like i said, its your choice.

Whatever you decide, i hope it works out. :slight_smile:


It worked out.

The mission went quite peacefully, as the fellow in the shop wasn’t gonna argue at all. He tried the drive for himself with one of his videos, and one of mine, with the same results. Replaced the drive on the spot with a fresh one.

I did ask about getting a LiteOn 1653 instead, but he said they don’t carry any in stock, because they had problems recognizing DVD blanks and writing at quoted speeds. He also said that LG is better quality than LiteOn, and this is the first one to come back in a while, so go figure.

As long as the bloody thing runs properly, I don’t care what is called.



good, for you. I hope that you enjoy your replacement 4163B.

I haven’t had any trouble with mine yet, knock on wood.

Maybe you could post on how the new one is working for you.


Sure, It recognizes the DVD videos in a matter of seconds, as it should. Same with any other shiny discs. No errors reading or writing DVDs (only done 2 so far, though).

It does look like my first one was a one-off occurence.

Ah well, even the Mercedes breaks down sometimes.