LG GSA-4163B - Media Compatibility


Can someone tell me where can i find a media list for the LG GSA-4163B?

Another question (I think i’ll post it also on the media forum): how can one “see” what kind of media are we talking about just by looking at the dvd at the store? Is there a site with, i don’t know, maybe some sort of list with codes present at the dvd package?



Hi pilgrim.

It can be very difficult in stores, as packaging can vary and as an example, the TDK disc you buy 1 week, may not be made by the same manufacturer when you buy them next time, even though packaging is the same. Any discs that have " made in japan " on the packaging will be of very good quality, as these are normally Taiyo Yuden manufactured.(regardless of brand).

I have always been a fan of Verbatim discs and the current ones i have,(DVD+R 8X) work beautifully with the 4163, and at 12X

There was a link which posted to pictures of packaging and what the discs were, however i cannot remember it and last time i looked it was a little out of date.

I am sure many others here will be know of “store” products which are good discs for your LG.

Hi Cussy.
Thanks for the “made in Japan” hint.
Media availability is not very broaden here in Portugal, e.g. Verbatim dvd discs are hard to find (curious the Verbatim DVD+DL is not so hard :rolleyes: ).
I’ve also read some good posts regarding the Philips media - do you have an opinion about it?
Again, thanks for the hint.


Due to politics, philips media does not always go well with LG drives. They are competing companies and as such, philips media is not high on the priority list of LG!

What about Memorex, Maxell, Emtec ? Are these available to you. Some of there discs are reported to work well. Especially Maxell as they are owned by Hitachi. Therefore Maxell discs have usually been tested with Hitachi-LG drives. :slight_smile:

Emtec and Memorex are widely available here. Maxell not so much.
Should i go for these brands without taking into consideration the Made In information? Or should i give priority to the Made in Japan brands (as they’re TY)?


Buy a small quantity of either one and try them out. Reading other posts and your own trial and error is the way to go. I like to find discs that work well with my drive and stay with them.

Emtec and Memorex are not sold in Japan, South Korea, and China where LG drives are designed, developed, tested, and mass produced. It’s one of the most serious problems in the industry. Globally produced automobiles and software also need a lot of synchronization meaning working at the same time on the same thing on various places on Earth, and also self-managing all the works done by different individuals with different sets of expertises and personalities only connected through the Internet. In the case of optical media, there are too many types of them, very many of them of pathetic quality. In the cases of Emtec and Memorec, they don’t make media so they cannot used as standard test media. Maxell, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, and some other media are used by most or all drive makers. The media for tests are first sent from the factories directly (those who don’t have factories for producing media of course can’t send any.)

“Made in Japan” is usually a good sign for DVD recordable media. SKC Media’s 8x DVD-R products with “Made in Japan” are 100% made by Hitachi-Maxell.

@ Kenshin

The only reason i suggested Memorex and Emtec is that a lot of there recent DVD+R media has been Ricoh manufactured, (not spindles) which works well with the LG, although I know these two particular brands can be hit and miss as regards whats actually in the box !

That’s the problem. Most of my Lite-On DVD media are:

  1. Taiyo Yuden
  2. Ricoh (made by Ritek)
  3. Ritek (made by Ritek)

And the codes are:


Saying Lite-On without including the original manufacturers could be very misleading sometimes.

Here in Singapore Emtec & Memorex DVD media are often OEM by Optodisc & CMC ect. :frowning: