LG GSA-4163B : Lower quality burns with YUDEN000T03?



Hello !

Recently I bought a 25 cakebox of Verbatims 16x DVD+R. These are ‘Made in Japan’ ones with id code YUDEN000T03. I have noticed that after burning these discs, the back of the disc looks different than when burning MCC004 discs (also Verbatim 16x DVD+R). Usually hen you burn a disc you can always see that on the back of the disc there is always a lighter layer where the data was actually burned. From my experience this lighter layer always has one consistent shade. But when burning YUDEN000T03 discs I notices that the are two different shades visible on the part of the discs where the data was burned.

Take a look at the attached images. Green and red lines mark the beginning and end of the lighter layer with the burned data. This looks fine on a MCC004 disc, but on the YUDEN disc you can see a switch of shades (marked with yellow line/arrows).

As I don’t have a burner capable of checking errors I can’t really say what’s wrong. The data seems to read/copy just fine, so I’m wondering what this change of shades actually means (if anything) ?


It doesn’t matter much. Different reflectivity is caused by different power applied during burning - which is adjusted by the drive to adapt to the properties of the disc being burned. Most of the time the drive guesses right and power adjustment keeps PIE levels low and doesn’t add any PIFs.

I’ve never seen a reading or scanning drive stumble on such reflectivity changes. Don’t worry about them.


good… this is what I wanted to hear :)…
many thanks !!!