LG GSA-4163B installed, but doesn't show up in device manager


I’m really need help! I got a DVD writer from a friend as a gift and it’s an LG GSA-4163B. I installed it into my computer (windows 2000 professional) and now when I check the device manager under CD/DVD drive, I do not see it…the instructions said that windows 2000 should automatically detect it but it doesn’t!

I go to add/remove hardware and it does detect new hardware …something like PCI device, but when it asked for the driver, I don’t know where to go because no drivers were provided in the CD (only included programs like powerdvd, etc.) …please help! thanks…

You probably jumpered the drive wrongly when installing. I’m not sure how you connected it up so it is hard to give you a detailed description of what to do. Basically, if you connected the drive using an IDE (data) cable that is also plugged into another CD/DVD drive, the 4163B should be jumpered as master and the other drive should be jumpered as slave.

Yeah, just follow the suggestion previously. I have W2K Pro with installation of LG 4163B no problems whatsoever. You do not need any “drivers” at all for W2K/XP for LG 4163B and most today’s DVD recorders! By the way, just to make sure that you have at least A104 (the latest one for LG 4163 is A105) installed, and I have A104 come with the recorder working perfectly O.K. in W2K.