LG GSA-4163B install problem

I have tried everything i know but cannot get my drive to work. at one point it would play dvds but not recognise blank dvds and would disappear from “my computer” window. Now it wont even eject. I have it as master and a cd-rw slave but have also tried with it on its own. I’ve installed drives in the past with no probblems so i dont know what i’m doing wrong?! My pc is Dell dimension 4400. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance

First of all did you reboot after installation. Did you look into the Device Manager to see if the drive is recognized. Check the power cable and ide to see if it is secure. Try uninstalling the secondary channell and rebooting if that is the channell you have it on. Window Xp will automatically recoginize the new drive and channell.

I didn’t reboot after installation no. I now have both driuves on Cable select as that is what my dell handbook suggests for my pc. the lg dvd rw is in the master position. Its in device manager and says is working perfectly but when i press eject the light just flashes a few times then turns off. I’ve even tried manual eject but that wont work. how do i uninstall secondary channel?