LG GSA-4163B in South Korea



Though I rarely start threads that are specific to South Korean market on CDFreaks, for LG GSA-4163B, it might seem a bit different.

LG started open and public “field-test” events on at least four major South Korean hardware websites. Brainbox.co.kr / DVDRwinfo.co.kr / CDRinfo.co.kr / KBench.com.

LG will give total 32 drives to 32 individual field testers. Not sure of the number but it’s about 32. Of course, thousands of eager would-be testers volunteered. Each site chooses who are good for field tests judging by their previous test records and community activities and other “reliability” factors (like career, the PCs and recorders and standalones and game machines they regularly use, etc.) Each tester has to buy the media for tests with one’s own money.

South Korean Yongsan market now also has some GSA-4163B re-imported drives. Looks like they are all bare so far, for about US$80 to US$90.

Previous field-test of GSA-4163B was done more secretely. Because some manufacturers do not want their product release plans and specifications to be revealed to the open places until they are ready. And also the firmware revisions used during the pre-release field tests are mostly pre-release and not to be shared among the public (like the N0AD firmware for GSA-4120B that was leaked once which seriously caused all South Korean field-testers of GSA-4163B to shut up just more than before (and also caused at least one thread on CDFreaks LG forum to be closed.)

The drives will all be sent inside of this week and the 32 or so test results will become available on the web as late as the end of December.

That also means it is very higly likely that most major English-language websites dedicated to DVD writer testing will soon publish reviews of GSA-4163B. GSA-5163D, the external version of GSA-4163B, will be released in late December or in early January of 2005 though not confirmed by LG yet.


PCBee also included. Including pre-release testers of GSA-4163B and GSA-5163D, perhaps more than 50 people.


Finally. :cool:


Dngear (not sure of the spelling but it sounds like that) started distributing GSA-4163B bulk and box in the Yongsan market.

The lowest price at danawa.co.kr is is:

Bulk: 118,000 Won
Box: 120,000 Won

2-year warranty

Dngear seems to be owned by the same people who own Headerway that has imported and distributed Lite-On (4KUS brand) and Pioneer optical drives. Dngear uses the same Header “AS” center in Yongsan.

From Danawa ODD “DVD Multi” category:

DVD-Multi IMATION SW-9572 '403월 4 282,000
DVD-Multi Iomega Super DVD Writer 외장형 03년 4 220,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4040B 정품 03년 2 150,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4082B 정품 '403월 24 110,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4120B 역수 '406월 2 100,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4120B 역수 블랙 벌크 '409월 20 85,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4120B 정품 '405월 240 94,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4120B 정품 벌크 '409월 13 86,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4160B 역수 '409월 76 86,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4160B 역수 디앤기어 '412월 10 90,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4160B 역수 블랙 벌크 '410월 66 88,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4160B 역수박스 '409월 42 91,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4160B 역수박스 디앤기어 '411월 30 96,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4160B 정품 '409월 244 159,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4163B 역수박스 디앤기어 '412월 41 120,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-4163B 역수벌크 '412월 18 118,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-5120D 외장 정품 '407월 67 198,000
DVD-Multi LG GSA-5160D 외장 정품 '412월 29 201,000
DVD-Multi LG GWA-4040N 노트북 '411월 2 220,000
DVD-Multi LG GWA-4161B 역수 벌크 '411월 17 84,000

Official LG domestic warranty policy for South Korean market is 1-year warranty.