LG GSA-4163B Firmware



My DVD recorder came with firmware version A101. The text file that comes with the A102 upgrade says that the A102 upgrade is for recorders with an original version less than A101. I take that this means that I don’t need to upgrade from A101 to A102?


A newbie answers a newbie … :wink:

I own this drive too, and a few days ago, I updated it with the newest firmware.
The description in the read-me included in the firmware-update-file is easely to missunderstood. As somebody in another forum wrote, Korean translators have their problems with “below”. What they wanna say is, the version A102 is to update the drives with version A101 (and only with that version! I killed my first LG 4163 when I try to update directly from A100 to A102. Firmware only step by step (eg. A100 > A101 > A102…).
So, of course you can use the firmware update.
But follow exactly the read-me file.
No other task in the background.
Only the LG is connected to the second IDE-Channel as Master.
It takes just a couple of minutes and your drive is up-to-date.
Good luck.