LG GSA-4163B file errors


Just purchased this writer and tried to archive a whole load of my .doc .xls .ppt and .jpg files, nested 5 sub directories deep. In total about 2 gb of data. I am using NERO 6.6 in `write data disc’ mode.

However, I have got quite a few unreadable files - I am using Panasonic 4.7 gb DVD-RAM media.

Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?



Format the disc?


As you are five directories deep, some of your naming protocols may be exceeded. You would normally have a warning about this at the commencement of the writing process.

Why are you using Nero to write to a DVD-RAM disc? One of the beauties of DVD-RAM is that you can simply drag and drop to it assuming that you have installed DVD-RAM write drivers.