LG GSA 4163B Extremely Slow Burning!

I just received this new 4163B Drive today, installed it and it doesn’t appear Nero 6.6 recognizes the DVD drive, so i tried clone DVD 2.5 and it took 12:47 minutes to burn a 4Gb movie. I’m using Verbatim 16X media, and also tried 8X Fuji TY 02 media with no better luck.

I have Firmware A100 and wondering if they have an updated Firmware revision yet. Any suggestions as to why this dirve is so slow?

Can you describe your PC environment?

A100 is the only firmware available for now.

Thx for the quick reply. This forum is extremely helpful. Anyway’s, i may have it fixed.

I had to actually go in and select the recorder in Nero 6.6, and now it does show everything it’s supposed such as recognizing the media and putting the speed of the media etc… I’ll make a burn with Nero now and see if the speeds improve. Thx.

Yea, it’s burning pretty fast now. Burned a 4Gb in just over 5 min if i remember correctly.

One last question. I see others using Kprobe and plextools, so is there an alternate program i can use to test the burn quality ?

LG DVD writers are not supported (yet and LG so far seems to have no plan for it.)

Nero CD-Speed transfer rate test can help a bit.

Well so far i’m really beginning to like this drive. It’s quiet and seems fast. I’m looking to burn a dvd using all its capacity and see how fast this thing really is.

Too bad my new Liteon SOHC 5232K wont work with KProbe as i’d really like to check the PIE errors.

Oh? SOHC-5232K should work though it will report too many PIE/PIF errors. :slight_smile:

Well it appears my Liteon drive will allow me to test out the written media. my first burn using 16X verbatim +R’s.

Burn#2 went pretty quick compared to my 8X memorex and is even faster than my Plextor 716A drive that i took back.

Burn#2 results at 16X using MCC 004 media.

Burn#3 using Fuji TY 02 Media 8x@12X

Ahh, bummer… I picked up 2 of the SOHC 5232K drives at K-Mart for $19.99 (US currency ) yesterday.

Does the SOHC 5232K provide any accuracy or is it not even worth running the Kprobe with it?

Hm. Very cheap. I would have a few more SOHC-5232K at that price. :sad: (It’s more like US$40 in South Korea.)

SOHC-5232K is not recommended for PIE/PIF scanning, but better than nothing. I think it’s better running than not. Use slower speeds if possible. Either K-Probe or CD-Speed “Disc Quality” test is OK. I prefer CD-Speed because CD-Speed supports non-LiteOn drives as well (like BenQ DW16200.) Try scanning at 4x.

thx. I’ll try running it at 4x as you mentioned. Burning with Nero seems to work well… However, when i use Clone DVD it seems to take well over 10 minutes to burn.

Nero Burning Rom is still #1 in burning application. That’s something CloneDVD should solve.