LG GSA-4163B Ejects on boot

Whether a DVD is present or absent, the drive opens on boot.

In addition, when ejecting a disc after any amount of time, the drive makes no attempt to stop the disc and the disc keep spinning in the tray even though it is ejected. This is frustrating as it is damaging my discs…

I have updated the firmware to A106…

Any ideas?

Try to reflash your firmware. Try a different IDE cable/channel.

Maybe a bad firmware … maybe bad IDE signal… or else - maybe physical drive problem [something to do with the tray door sensors inside]

Unfortunately, I have triad all of the above. Strangly though, after updating some BIOS management software (not a BIOS update, just support software for monitoring temps, etc.) the problem has all but vanished.

As I was writing this though, I was burning a CD and, although never at any other time, the tray does its normal eject once creating a CD image in Nero. That fine - That IS what it is suppoed to do. What it isnt supposed to do, however, is leave the disc still spinning so that when the auto-eject does occur, the disc shoots across the room.

I think the most likely cause is a conflict between the burner and Nero because, although it used to, doesn’t have problems with other software anymore.

I have the latest firmware - I’m going to update my mobo’s BIOS though…

This annoying problem seems to have reappeared. I have done nothing to prevoke it - No firmware changes, no hardware changes, no BIOS changes, no major software changes. Just started happening again - Completely out of the blue.

Hmm … maybe your LG has a defect too … or a bad solder joint that’s intermittent - you don’t have any other LG drives that do the same thing? tried swapping?

Retailer went out of business and warranty has since run out. Even if the warranty hadn’t expired it I may as well have bought a brand new one considering the amount it would cost to send the current drive back to the manufacturer…

It’s also possible that you have some software running in the background that is keeping the drive spinning up continuously by continually checking the disc. This would mean that the disc never gets a chance to spin down. When the disc tray is ejected, the disc would still be spinning and could fly out of the tray, as you have described. Usual culprits are 3rd party programs that poll the drive for autorun purposes.

Try booting the system in safe mode as this bypasses the automatic loading of most 3rd party drivers. See if the drive still does the same thing. Sometimes, this still doesn’t work because some 3rd party drivers are still loaded even in safe mode. The only way to know for sure if the drive itself is defective, is to try connecting the drive to another system and test the drive using that system.

Hmm, but I don’t know of ANY 3rd party software that can override the firmware instructions which are more hard coded than anything else. The LG is probably not getting the door sensors right or something like that if it can think of letting go of the disc while spinning. Try pressing eject or sending a software eject command while it’s spinned up and it will spin down before letting go. It’s impossible from my point of view that the drive can “ignore” this instinct because of 3rd party software.

To clarify : I don’t think my explanation above covers the bit about the original problem (ejecting on boot) but it is meant to explain the bit about what happens when Nero ejects the disc after a burn.

I can’t give you a full explanation of why it works but I can only say that other users have run into the same problem (spinning ejection) in the past and the cause was indeed found to be 3rd party software checking the disc in the drive at regular intervals. The two main culprits were autorun software that came with a Creative MP3 player (also with some of their sound cards) and similar software that came with another brand of sound card (forgot the exact name). When the user disabled the software, the problem disappeared.

As best as I can understand it, the problem is that the command to spin the drive down before ejection is itself a software instruction sent by software (in this case, Nero) to the drive. So it becomes a question of which software instruction has a higher priority. If I am not mistaken, these 3rd party autorun type programs may be implementing their control of the drive as a filter driver, which may have a higher priority in controlling commands to the drive than an application program. I’m not sure about this, but this is as good as I can explain it.

Anyawy, it is possible I’m totally wrong here but it is easy enough to test for this by connecting the drive to another system. If the drive still displays the same symptoms, then it’s the drive itself that is faulty and I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

… if you think of it that way - but as far as I know - spin down before ejection is usually a hardware thing. A disc could be fully spinned up - you hit the eject button and disc spins down and comes out … a software command need not be sent to the drive to cause it to spin down. Like, I know drives can play audio without a host system [those with play buttons] and they don’t let go of the disc without spinning it down. Even if you unplug the IDE when it’s fully spinned up - it’s not going to do that unless something is defective [i’m not sure even if firmware could control this - maybe it’s HARD coded into the logic itself]. It’s just counter-intuitive for me.

However, it does sound like your anecdotal experience backs up your claim - but I would like to see it CAUSE this problem [might be a lawsuit there :P]. Sorry if I sound like i’m challenging you - it’s just that … i don’t see how it works - and if it did - i’m sure i’d be flying discs outta my drive right now :slight_smile:

I believe it was co-incidental that the upgrade of the mobo management softwareI mentioned earlier seems to remedy the problem. I agree with you suspicions, ‘karangguni’, it does appear to be a software issue as, thinking back, it only becan re-occuring after I burned a CD using Windows Explorer Drag-to-Disc (Roxio).

Roxio, from my experience, does strage things. For example, my burner at work would refuse to write to the majority of media - Infact, it would only write to miniCDs. After removing Roxio - No problem.

Is there a way of disabling Drag-to-Disc?

EDIT: I assume safe-mode will it not?


uninstalling using add/remove software won’t help?


Its the Windows Explorer ‘Drag-to-Disc’, provided by Roxio - Its not the actual Roxio Burning Suite.

I checked in the Windows Components install/un-install list and it is not present, nor is it in the Add/Remove list.

Then try a search of IMAPI - i think this is the XP Burning thing if i’m not mistaken.

Yup. IMAPI something. It’s one of the services in XP and you can disable it that way by setting the service from automatic to manual or even disabled if that still doesn’t work.