LG GSA-4163B DVD Video burning errors

hey yooouu guuuyss.

I bought a LG GSA-4163B for my PC:

Windows XP S2
AMD 64 3200
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9
1 gig DDR
Radeon X600PRO 128MB

I have been burning CD-R and SVCD discs with no problems. I have also burned 3 DVD-R discs with data on them.

I have tried to burn Video DVD’s ( ie DVD’s with movies on them ) but have only recived errors.

I have tried the following software and export options:
Adobe Premire Pro 1.5 - Export to DVD
Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 SE - Create DVD video disc
Cyberlink powerProducer 2 Gold - Produce DVD movie disc
NeroVision Express 3 - DVD export

All 4 programs have produced burn errors and i have not yet been able to burn any video DVD’s!

I have updated all my drivers and updated the firmware to A104 with no improvements.

I am using That’s Write 8x DVD-R 4,7GB (Optodisc) discs. I have been succsefull burning 3 data DVD’s though!

Does anyone have any suggestions to why i cannot burn video DVD’s?

Not sure what is going wrong, but I would suggest using the option to ‘burn’ (=write) your dvd to hard disc, and then to burn the resulting video_ts folder using Nero (burn as dvd video).

i just tried to burn with other discs Memeorex and it worked fine!

Is there such things as discs that dont let you burn video format?