LG GSA-4163B DVD-RAM wont burn at top speed


I have a LG GSA-4163B Drive with Firmware A103.

I also have Some Imation type 4 Double Sided DVD-RAM 3x disks(3x stamped right on disk).

When i go to burn on these disks with either DVD Decryptor, or Alcohol 120%, or Nero Burning rom, It will only burn at 1.4X, and not 3X.

Even though all those programs show the media as being 3x and let me select 3x, they still only burn at 1.4x

The nero info tool shows the drive as being 3x, and all the data on the LG website shows this drive as being 3x and 5x , no mention at all about 1.4x.

So why is it only burning at this speed. And how can i correct this.

Note I am aware that there is a firmware update to A105, but since everything else works fine, i really dont want to upgrade the firmware, thus possibly ruining my current flawless ability to write to DVD+/-R, RW, media. Also there is no mention int The A105 firmware update of any modification to DVD-RAM writting, therefore i doubt it will solve this problem.

Help and comments are welcome.

That’s the nature of DVD-RAM. It verifies when writing so the speed is halved.

This is normal speed for writing. The drive is verifying each sector written, which makes it slow. You can turn off verification in the latest version of CDSpeed, or with the Panasonic RAM driver. But that sort of defeats the RAM security.

5x media will burn a tad faster.

thanks for the information.

I actually thought of this being the case, givent that i did read about RAM having internal verification, and it is burning at exactly half the speed.

Given that i could not find anywhere in Nero, Alcohol120, or DVD Decrypter, on where to turn this off, i was not sure if it was the case…

SO i guess my next question is where exactly can i turn this off in each of these programs, or do i need a 3rd party app like you mentioned to do this?


In CDSpeed, you can write ISO or NRG images, and turn verification off in the options.
The Panasonic RAM driver used to have the ability to turn it off, but I don’t know if it still does cause I don’t use it.

Don’t think the Panasonic driver supports turning verify on/off (atleast in CD/DVD-speed).

On 3x media I get average burn speed just under 2.5x regardless of verify on/off. This I would assume mean verify is switched off regardless in CD/DVD-speed?

I assume your using InCD now, does it support turning verify on/off?

Attached burn is with verify off (in CD/DVD-speed options).

The verify setting in CDSpeed is on the transfer rate test option pane. (not to be confused with the verify option on the standard tests pane) The posted graph does not appear to have verification enabled. 3x media should burn at about 1.4x with verification.

InCD will not affect CDSpeed, since CDSpeed will not allow you to access a formatted disc. InCD does not have a setting for write verification.