LG GSA-4163B DVD RAM Drive Won't Read Anything

I have a LG GSA-4163B DVD-RAM Drive. When I insert a disk, the drive does not spin, it recognizes that the disc in is the drive for a couple seconds. So I went into My Computer and noticed that it changes the title of the drive from DVD-RAM Drive (E:) to CD Drive (E:) after the disk is inserted. Before I got this far, I used Windows Media Player 10 to play DVD’s, and it always stated the drive was busy and froze in My Computer, causing Windows Explorer to crash. I also have a second bay CD-RW drive that also didn’t work. So I deleted some DVD Player/Writing programs, and the second drive started to read disks again, with the DVD-RAM drive still dead. I’ve tried endless ways to fix this problem with no luck. So there is obviously something I am missing here, and some help would be appreciated.

System Specifications:

Sony Vaio PCV RX-550
Intel Pentium 4 1.50 Ghz
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
1st Bay - LG GSA-4163B DVD-RAM Drive with Firmware A105
2nd Bay - OEM CD-RW Drive, That’s all I know.

Cyberlink PowerDVD
DVDFab Platinum
Windows Media Player 10

Programs Deleted (Which got the second drive to work and the first drive not to say busy)
Interactual Player 2.0
NVDVD (nvidia)
Ahead Nero Burning Rom
Nero Express

So I’ve come to the conclusion, that maybe something is wrong with the lens in the drive, or the motor to spin the disc is dead. Other than that I have no idea what the problem could be. So I need some help.



No one anywhere can help?

No one can help at all?


are you able to boot from that drive?
To make sure, get some bootable CD (like Knoppix, Kanotix, Damn Small Linux, Ultimate Boot CD or maybe your Windows CD). Put this into your drive and reboot. Check your BIOS settings and make sure the system will boot from CD first.
If the system boots up from the CD, then you know, that the hardware works basically, and something is wrong with your Windows installation.

Edit: Did your drive work before? Or did you install it just recently? Then you should check the cables and jumper settings. The DVDRAM drive should be jumpered as master, the CDRW as slave.



I have an LG GSA-4163B too and I have the same problem. I have firmware A104. I am sure that the disc motor does not spin, when I insert a disk the drive acts as if there were no disk in. So the problem (in mine) is in the drive hardware.

But I don`t know how to solve, I would like to get a service manual, at least.


Guess I’ll jump on this bandwagon. It worked fine until sometime in the last couple weeks (I use my computer a lot but have the LG GSA-4163B and a Lite-On combo, so I don’t pay much attention as to which I am using for what unless I have to write data to a DVD). So, it worked fine for 10 months, and I havent installed any new software or hardware or made any changes for a while.

So the last couple days I’ve been trying to watch DVDs. I’m in Poland - I had left the Lite-On set to U.S. Region and the LG to Europe region. Then my LG stopped reading DVDs. As I figured out today, it stopped reading everything. I tried teh boot from DVD test, and nothing. The power light on front flashes a few times, but it never recognizes the disk in any programs or Windoze (tells me to insert a disk), and would not boot. Everything else works fine - all programs see it, can eject tray, etc, etc.

I thought it might be a firmware thing. I had been running A105 (the first and only firmware update I had done). I read a bit about it on this site, and after not being able to find A106 on the LG site, just downloaded the RPC-1 A106, and added anti-riplock with MCSE, and flashed that. Was successful, everything sees it as using A106 and DVD RegionKiller sees it as region free. All cool, except it still won’t read any disks.

So, I got it for a wedding present 10-1/2 months ago. How long are the warranties? I can try to contact my friend that got it for me, though he’s in the middle east somewhere and I don’t know how effective that will be. So I guess my next question is, any other good solutions? As Juaruileo’s problem, it may be the disc motor. Any ideas about fixing that for someone with not a lot of technical expertise and bad mechanical skills? Though if the option is just throwing it out, I’ll try whatever.

I’m going to see if I can find some region free firmware for my Lite-On Combo LTC-48161H in the meantime. So at least I can watch DVDs here.

Any ideas, suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated!

i have had two lg drives and for both of them I had to remove the cover which is not that easy and clean the laser then they went back to working. I tried the laser cleaner disk but did not do the trick.

Thanks for the tip!
Will be my tomorrow project.

Um…any tips for cleaning? Q-tips? cleaning solution?

Thanks again!

I found this post handy for cleaning tips: http://club.cdfreaks.com/announcement.php?f=102&announcementid=41

It did not go into much info about make-it-yourself cleaning solution though. Any household products that would be handy?


p.s. …sorry to hijack the thread