LG GSA-4163B don´t recognize DVD-R / -RW

Hi everybody,

I´m having the following problem with my GSA-4163B (Firmware A104), suddenly it stopped reading/writting/everything with DVD-R / -RW medias. When I insert the media into the drive it keeps blinking the green light “forever”. The firmware was updated a few months ago, I have no clue. Well I have changed my Windows installation language, from Portuguese XP SP2 for English XP SP2.
Just to inform: CD-R/-RW works just perfect for reading and writing, original medias, like video DVDs, music CDs just work perfect… I don´t know what to do…

Can someone give me a light?


This is very strange. I have never heard of this kind of problems before. Does the drive work with DVD+R/+RW discs?

I have just the same problem…LG GSA-4163B that is almost 12 months old, have just flashed the fireware to ver. 105A to try and fix the problem without any success. The only way I can get it to read dvd-rw is to put a cd-rw in, erase it, take it out and put the dvd-rw back in and it works once or twice then I have the blinking light again with nothing happening…lights are on, no one at home.
I’ve formatted the HD (several times :o(( ), reloaded just the software that I had on the computer before the troubles started, still not joy. Yesterday I burnt quite a few dvd-r’s without a hiccough. Doesn’t matter which software I use, Nero, Sonic, VSO whatever I can get off the net, they all tell me there’s no disk in the drive…until I erase a cd-rw that seems to “unstick” it…briefly…came very close to hurling the lot out the window…Wendy

P.S. I did try the same disks on another computer and they work just fine, no problems with the disks…one of them is very new, the others have been erased a few times.

Yes, it’s a very strange problem. Try to clean your drive. Toormina2, you said your drive is almost 12 months old. Maybe it got dirty…

Had the problem with one of my GSA 4163B drives that is 14 months old.
After all else failed I bought a Steren laser cleaner disk.
I had to open and close the drive several times before it would read the cleaning disk.
Ran the cleaning disk through twice.
Problem solved.

Went out this arvo and bought a cleaner but still no joy…looks like I might just put it down to experience and buy a new one. Searching around the net has turned up other’s with similar troubles and no answers. It comes down to you get what you pay for and these writers are very cheap in Australia…

One last thing you can try : connect the drive to another system if you can and see if it works. If it displays the same idiotic symptoms, it’s probably gone defective and unfortunately, it’s repair time.