Lg GSA-4163B does not burn memorex dvd+r 16x correctly

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-4163B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Dear All,

Hello. I have been using sidux for about 3 years now and have not had a problem writing to a dvd+r or any disc until the past month. My lg gsa writes fine to the memorex dvd+rw but not onto the memorex dvd+r 16x disc. I have been researching this for a few days and it seems like I may need to update the firmware. I only have linux on this machine and found all of the downloads and instructions using binflash and /or dvrflash. I have read that others have flashed my same model using binflash.

I unpacked both binflash and dvrflash. Neither one can find a supported device! I am surprised. Is there another way to flash if using linux only? Is using wine a possibility?

I am almost thoroughly convinced I need to upgrade the firmware. It has not been updated since I owned it and I have the 106a firmware downloaded from firmwarehq site.

Any suggestions or help are welcome.

Thank you very much,


Hi and Welcome!

That LG likes to be fed with Verbatim DVD+R instead of the Memowrecks you are using at the moment. :wink:

Unfortunately, the only option to flash a LG drive is using a Windows application. I have no idea if WINE is an option here. Bet way would be a friend who is running a Windows computer, where you can temporarily install the drive in order to flash the newer firmware.

Binflash and Dvrflash are for NEC/Optiarc or Pioneer drives respectively. They are of no use with other drives.


Welcome to the forum, Marcia :slight_smile:

I had the same drive myself, and was under the impression that A106 was the last firmware for it - have you found something newer?

It sounds like the MID (aka media code) of these Memorex DVD+Rs isn’t supported in the firmware…but if there isn’t anything newer than A106, then flashing the drive’s firmware under Linux won’t be required anyway. :wink:

Of course, that’s assuming the problem isn’t something else (which I doubt, but you never know). Maybe you could give a little more detail about any error messages (or if the discs are even recognised). :slight_smile:

As Michael said…the drive (just like my two current LG’s) likes the good stuff. I feed both of mine with Verbatim, and discs made by Taiyo Yuden (made in Japan).

Thank you for your fast replies. I guess you are saying flashing will not make a difference. I did read there was a patch to add that would make a difference for this. I may give it a whirl and either try wine, freedos, or get verbatims. From now on verbatims will be my choice. I will probably have to special order them since no one here has them.

I think that 106a is the latest firmware. I just read about patches that really make this quite the drive somewhere today. I wish I could remember what site.

Thanks for your answers. I had no idea memorex did not work in these. Well, the memorex dvd+rw discs seem to write just fine.

Thanks for your help.



[QUOTE=aicram;2409128]…I had no idea memorex did not work in these.[/QUOTE]

Ah, it’s not Memorex in general - probably just that particular spindle (as Memorex use several different manufacturers for their discs, another spindle could be made by someone different, and have a media code that is supported in the firmware, and thus work just fine). Your Memorex DVD+RW discs probably have a mediacode that is supported in the firmware - as you report that they work just fine. :slight_smile:

I can’t get Memorex 2x DVD-RW discs (made by a company called CMC Magnetics) to work in my LG 4167B at all. :wink:

I think that 106a is the latest firmware. I just read about patches that really make this quite the drive somewhere today. I wish I could remember what site.[/quote]A106 is indeed latest firmware for that drive. I am aware of patches that remove region code restrictions, but there is none that improves compatibility with later media.
Perhaps you read about MediaCode Speed Edit, which allows to modify some write strategies, but I don’t know if that works for the 4163 and you do exactly have to know what you’re doing. So no option either.

Thanks for your answers. I had no idea memorex did not work in these.
Could you please try to find out the so-called MID (MediaID)? No idea how to get this information with Linux software.

Also please find out what firmware is already on your drive. Sometimes this information already shows up on POST, and I guess K3B should give you that information also.


Thank you for your info. I read some did use mediacodespeededit and they were able to use memorex at 16x after that. However, I may just buy verbatim’s very soon and forget the rest for now.

The linux program from dvd+rw tools worked well for getting info about my memorex disc and a little bit from my drive.

The command dvd+rw-mediainfo revealed some nice info even though I do not understand it all.

I found out that my firmware is A102. The Media ID is CMC MAG/M01.

Thanks for the input.



Might be worth updating to A106 - looking at that firmware in MediaCodeSpeedEdit, the CMC MAG M01 discs are supported at the full 16x (as well as 12x, 8x and 4x).

That’s if you still want to burn those discs - I’ve had some very poor burns from that Media ID (under various brands).

Personally I’d try better media first, since flashing the firmware could be a hassle. :slight_smile: