LG GSA-4163B: can't view disc contents

Hi. Stumbled across this Forum, and hope that one of you might be able to help solve this problem, because it’s driving me nuts :doh:

I bought this LG GSA-4163B DVD/CD rewriter some time ago, followed the instructions, and everything went well at the time. This drive was the “master” drive on the secondary IDE channel. I also had an older Pioneer DVD-105S DVD-ROM player which acted as a slave.

Lately, an annoying problem has cropped up. What happens is that the drive correctly identifies when a disc is inserted, but when I try to view the contents of the disc via “My Computer” in Win XP (Service Pack 2), absolutely nothing shows up. It is as if the disc I inserted was blank. This happens regardless of whether I put in a software disc (e.g. to try and install a game), or a photo album disc, or a music CD or DVD movie.

The stupid thing is:

  • if it’s a music CD, I can play the disc perfectly normally via Windows Media Player

  • if it’s a DVD movie, I can play it perfectly normally via the LG-bundled Cyberlink Multimedia / Power DVD program.

But I am unable to install any software from CDs/DVDs because the discs keep on showing up as blank! Autoplay is enabled, but the discs don’t auto-play!

The same thing also happened on my older Pioneer DVD-ROM player. I thought perhaps I had too many drives (there were only two) on the secondary IDE channel, so I removed the Pioneer unit. However, the problem still persists.

I’ve checked the readings on Nero Info Tool, and it reports, amongst other things, that “Nero ASPI is installed and working normally”, but “system ASPI is not installed”. Do I need system ASPI and, if so, where do I download it from?

What’s going on? What am I doing wrong?!? :confused:

The PC I use here at home is a home-built one, with the following:

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1921MHz
Bus speed: 167 MHz
Motherboard: GigaByte nVidia-nForce 2
Bios: Award FH
Memory: 2048 Mb (basically, 2 Gb)

Video card: ABIT Siluro FX5600

I’d be most grateful for any help with this. Computing has got so complex over the last 5 years that I’m having real difficulty understanding why or how this problem is happening. :sad:

Thanks in anticipation


The fact that it was happening on both drives, probably rules out the drives themselves. There can be many reasons for annoying problems like this.

Did you notice the problems occuring after service pack 2 was installed?

My only thought at the moment would be that your motherboard drivers (IDE channel in particular) have been somehow compromised during the SP2 install, and you would need to re-install the Nvidia ones. Your problem is not one i have come accross before.

There are people on here who will know far more abouth this kind of thing, so you may be better waiting for more opinions until you do anything.

You may be better posting in the general hardware forum.

Welcome to the forum.
Have you recently installed any software and if so what?
Have you tried going back to a restore point in XP when everything was ok?
Go to hardware manager and delete the secondary IDE channel and reboot, XP will install MS drivers when it fires up.
You may have a corrupted DLL, if the restore point does not work use the XP disc to repair your OS and report back.
Best of luck

Thanks for the replies.

I have not installed any new software since the middle of last year, mainly because of the DVD drives not “seeing anything”.

I’m not sure whether XP SP2 was responsible; I should be able to get it investigated.