LG GSA-4163B Black retail pack ? - in the UK



Is there such a thing or are all black models oem version ?

black for look and the black tray effect - i need all the help i can get !

after retail as i think the extra packaging will help it
arrive in one piece




I looked web wide a few months ago and the only retail version I could find was beige with an additional black faceplate (same as OEM). That’s a lot to pay for a box.


Looking like a proper black one is OEM - maybe the general public cant handle a black drive v beige ?



Ebuyer have plenty of stock (as of today) of the Retail version of the 4163 in Black.

Price is £32.51 + Vat + P&P. About £5.50 extra over the OEM version.

It may be cheaper elsewhere.


i’ve seen the - LG Supermulti DVDRW GSA4163BRL-16x IDE Internal Retail Black Kit

but the pic actually hsows a retail black box with a beige drive on it ?

hence my confusion

i read on another ebuyer item , an oem drive about how flimsy it was shipped so
i reckon the extra packaging in the retail box will help considerably


Most of the the time, the pictures are for illustration only.

If the product description says black, then that should be the one you get. You should be protected by the DSR (Distance Selling Regulations) and can sent the item back within 7 days for any reason.

All of my DVD burners within the last year have been OEM purchases (inc my black LG 4163. No problem with packaging.


yes , but why faff with sending back when i can check 1st ?

rang LG - chaop said retail pack is beige - which is what the box shows but the description is sort of right if you know what your looking for

think i’ll wait till dabs have it in - they pack stuff well over the top !


What the reseller says like OEM and retail doesn’t matter. Call official LG ODD distributors close to your regions if you have to be sure.