LG GSA-4163B Black bezel

i bought the retail drive and here’s how it looks like. i just hope the different look doesn’t affect the performance. this drive is also manufactured NOVEMBER 2004

If anything a darker interior would make the burns better not worse.

the loading tray color is ivory

I want this new bezel type, but in white or beige lool :smiley:

There are three colors for GSA-4163B retail. OEM a bit different like shown in the Akibahara-Impress site (also linked here.)

BTW, South Korea now also has GSA-4163B, probably imported (back) from Japan or China, China’s more likely.

Default black for me.

you pick it up online or local?

If you are in the US, where did you buy it?

I am looking for a black drive too, but so far I’ve only found the beige GSA-4163B at three online stores:
edazz.com, gogocity.com and dealsurprise.com.

i bought this locally, im from the Philippines :slight_smile:

NewEgg now has it in stock (both OEM and retail; ivory color only as of today).

Hitachi edition of 4163B is coming soon from I/O Data.

Its body is made with super heat conductive alloy “Kobe Hounetsu” developed by KOBELCO. Bitsetting of DVD+R/SL will not be supported even with LG made firmware. They say that Hitachi edition is more robust than LG edition.

South Korea will be the last place on Earth to have GSA-4163B. :sad:

It appears more robust. Never heard such alloy used in a cheap consumer DVD writer before.

For those who are willing to see the original page.





Previous I/O Data version of GSA4120B (DVR-ABH12W) and GSA4160B (DVR-ABH16W) also use this heat conductive alloy. My DVR-ABH12W is broken (it will not read DVD-RAM any more). I expect that I will get DVR-ABH16A when I send back ABH12W to I/O Data support center, lol.

lol… the Taiwanese guy at another local forum was also real envious that we got our BenQ DW1620A burners at better prices in SG compared to Taiwan, home of BenQ.

I am still surprised that we got the GSA-4163 so early last month - in fact it was so early that it didn’t sell that well in the PC Expo shootout with its competitors cos no one knew much about it since there were no reviews or feedback out then.

And we’re so envy of cheaper media over there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still the 60cents BenQ 8x DVD+R is a great buy. lol

i like this one better than mine :bow:

the 4163B was just released here 2 weeks ago i think. are you planning on getting one?

I have somethign better than GSA-4163B, sorry! :bigsmile:

Better than the 4163B?? What could that be? Or are you under NDA?