LG GSA-4163B and multisession




Just got this drive recently. I am running on linux (kubuntu). My burning software tells me that multisession (TOA mode) is not supported for DVD-R. This is a real problem …

a. Is this a problem with the drive or with my software?
b. Does anyone knows how to tell which firmware version I am running?
c Would updating the firmware help?
d. which is the latest safe version?

-Thanks, Joseph


i don´t know much about multisession, but recently only +r media have supported multisession, now both +/- can be used for multisession (i have just read it somewhere), try to use different media

latest official firmware is a104


Why is it a problem that you can’t use Multisession? Any special reason? (Just curious.)

A104 is safe and good. Unless there’s some known serious problem with a given firmware, it’s best to have the latest firmware always.


a. If you mean TAO (track at once), the 4163B does indeed support it. Multisession does work properly. See the Nero infotool screen below of my drive. I’ve used it in windows on DVD+RW discs but not on DVD-R ones though. So it is probably your software.

b. Not sure in linux but in BSD a “dmesg” command will show you a list of hardware detected at boot time. Examine the end of the string describing the 4163. It should be something like this :

“acd0: DVDR (DL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B/A104) at at0-master PIO4”

Linux names it’s drives different of course. The bold bit is the firmware version. It’s been a while since I used linux but I think the dmesg command should exist in it as well.

Alternatively, you can reboot the system and watch the part where the BIOS detects what drives you have. A similar string will show up and the firmware version is in around the same place.

c. No. TAO is already there. Your software doesn’t seem to recognise it.

d. A104. Unfortunately, the fact is you will need windows to flash the firmware. It’s distributed as an .EXE file that you must run. :sad: Any version from 98-XP will do I believe.