LG GSA-4163B and EAC



I’m thinking of buying LG GSA-4163B if writing is supported by EAC. Has anyone tried and succeeded?

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I did. Tried once and was fine. But I still use my Plextor drive for that. If you like to, I can let EAC retest the drive properties when this burn is finished. Hope it offers a possibility to save a status report or so.


Buffer: No (good)
Accurate stream: Yes (good)
C2 Error info: Yes (good)

I think the drive also works in burst mode - whether this is better or worse than the safe mode, dont know. I use my Plex in Burst mode.


Just gave it a try in that Safe Mode and extracted track 2 and 13 from Pearl Jam´s “Ten”, audio extraction was done @ 15x speed for both, so a nice CAV @15x audio cd rip.

FYI: I was writing a 2x DVD-RW at the same time on another burner on same ide and once had a short hang and following a speed drop to 8x for one title. I just listened to it and there is no error in the mp3, so the drive and eac together managed to continue reading without problems.


Hi Oman,
Thanks for your feedback.

I asked because I read a report that said GSA-4040B, 4081B, 4120B and 4163B are all not supported their write functions by EAC (V0.95pb5) but I couldn’t believe that because I’ve burned countless CD-Rs using my 4040B with EAC (V0.95pb4) without any problems.

What I like about GL GSA drives is that their write offset is ZERO. And what I don’t like is they can’t read into lead-out.



Hm now EAC writing is not something I ever tried! :o

I only use it to make mp3s for my mobile player. You mean you are reading a CD and after that burn a CD-R with the music with the same program? Then, I am sorry, as I dont write CDs anymore (other than for testing a drive), I cannot tell you whether it works.

PS: What is a Zero Write Offset ?


Hi Oman,
OK, I’m waiting for other users’ feedback.

Zero write offset means you can burn audio CDs with audio data starting from the correct position and ending at the correct position on CDs. As far as I know, there’s no such drive other than GL GSA drives. Kudos to the Hitachi engineers!



Ok it sounds great … but what is it good for?

I mean, audio cds play reasonable well without that, dont they? And I also was able to make perfect copies with the sub-indices at the right positions and so on back back back then with my Plex and my good old Philips CDD2000. And had CD-Text with the PlexWriter, too.

Or does it have sth to do with copy-protected discs?


Hi Oman,

You’re right. A drive with zero write offset will not mean much to those who don’t care about read and write offset. But it’s nice to have such a drive along with a PlexWriter.



Feurio! device test states that the LG GSA-4163 does cache 37 kBytes of audio data during extraction so you should check the “drive caches audio data” box since EAC’s detection routines can sometimes lead to false results …

I intend to use the LG as a burner only … if you have a reliable reader that does overread its offset into lead-in/out (all plextor’s do), you can benefit from the LG’s 0 write offset to create 100% bit-perfect backups with EAC.


Are you saying that the LG 4163 is likely to give me the best results out of my choice of 6 drives ?


So, JeanLuc…

Could you please let me know whether you can burn audio CDs with 4163B and EAC?

My 4040B has started to make a strange mechanical noise lately although it’s still working fine…



The 4163B doesn’t (contrary to the other burners I have encountered thus far) need offset correction during writing with EAC. Therefore, it does not have to overwrite its offset into the lead in/out (which only veeeery few drives can - mostly old TEAC burners) which is essential if you want to copy audio CD’s that feature music signal up to the very last sector (or from the very first).

This is for perfectionists only since most music CD’s start/end with digital silence anyway.

The downside is that, as a reader, the LG doesn’t overread into lead-in/out with EAC so you’ll need a reader that can do this for you.


EAC 0.95 PB5 can create the offset test CD with the LG so writing shouldn’t be an issue.


Hi JeanLuc,

Thanks for your helpful info,
(LG does read into lead-in, but not into lead-out…)



Thank you, JeanLuc.


Jep … but when activating this feature with EAC, you will get a sync error at the end of each ripped range because EAC tries to read from the lead-out as well so this is pretty useless …

I agree … a positive read offset correction means that a drive should overread the lead-in only (or to be more precise … the area that the drive itself recognizes as the lead-in) … no need to read from the lead-out anyway.


As I wrote above, I just did some test mp3 rips with the LG and those titles were perfectly ripped … no distortion, “jitter” or what its called, cracks or pauses, cut off and so on. Just the audio and when ripped to wav several times, binary identical, exactly how I expect it from a reader.

Have to look into that zero offset reading/writing stuff, sounds interesting, esp if few drives do it! But as ripping to mp3/flac is my main focus, I think it is nice to know the drive can do it and keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Is there some web page one get more info? And what interesting is in the Lead-In? As long as I can get ISRC subindices and stuff I am quite satisfied.

Thanx in advance for advice.

Hm… Feurio … was my favorite audio burn program back then. Does it still exist? Somehow I stopped writing/copying audio cds sometime. Think as I now own more than 600 original CDs and only need the new ones of the bands I love, there is not much music I need to copy. Feurio was great for creating samplers for car or so, with index 0 and 1 for skipping intros - but mp3s took over at all for me.


Hi All

Do you consider Fuerio to be better than EAC? I only ask because I haven’t tried Fuerio and I seem to get good results with EAC.

BTW my LG 4163 managed to succesfully repair and copy a damaged audio CD that none of my Plextor drives (UltraPlex 40X, 8/2/20, 12/10/32S and 712A) have been able to read so sometimes the LG reads audio better than a Plex even if it can’t read into Lead-out.

These days I only use a small Shuttle system with space for 1 ODD and I found the LG to be a better all-round drive than the Plex 712A which now lives in my Son’s computer but I do use it sometimes to do quality scans (I wish LG would implement this in the next firmware, that would really make it a great all-rounder).


A drive with accurate stream feature should exactly behave that way :iagree:

Try the EAC forum or Hydrogenaudio …



Feurio is still being developped … Version 1.68 is the actual one. But the Feurio programmers don’t get test drives and command sets from LG so implementation of LG writers is a bit complicated …