LG GSA-4163B and DVD Burns



Is it possible that this drive does not overspeed 4X Blanks??
I tried TY DVD+R 4x Manufacturer ID YUDEN000 Media ID T01 Revision 01
and every tool i use tell me that MAX is 4x writing. When burning a image with NERO the max speed i can select is 4x. My Plextor PX-708A lets me choose 8x on this blank.
Same is with 4x DVD-R (PX-708A cant overspeed on them…).
Can anyone pls confirm?
If this drive should not overspeed 4X DVD+R or -R (specially DVD-R) does anyone know which burner does (expect PLEXTOR drives pls)??


Not too sure about 4x overspeeding with this LG, if there is will let you know.

NEC, Pioneer & BenQ based writers can overspeed 4x media to 8x or more.


Thanks Sen.
I bought this drive because the sales rep told me that the drive would write 6x and 8X on DVD-R.
If its just my drive which cant overspeed i can return it for a new one (same model only) whithin a month. But if its impossible to overspeed on 4X i can change to NEC or any other drive in whithin 2 days only (bought it on the 28th and timelimit is the 30th)…
So im really in a bad situation…


LG has never been big on overspeeding with its burners. Up until the GSA-4120B their drives only burned media at their rated speed. Now they allow overspeeding of 8x DVD media, but not 4x. Shouldn’t be much of a problem for you though koba seeing as how you’re in Japan and can get high quality 8x DVD-R media that many of the rest of us can’t, such as made-in-Japan TTG02 or made in Luxembourg TTH01.


Thanks for your help Two Degrees.
I am a little angry because the sales rep assured me that this drive would overspeed 4x DVD±R discs and it does not. I asked if I should get NEC 3500/3520 or LG4163 and if both of them would do overspeeding on 4x media and which he would recommend. The sales rep told me that in this case i should get the LG.
Well i think I got ripped off because the LG is about 2000yen more than the NEC 3500, 3000yen more than PX-708A2 which is upgradable to PX-712A with firmware update and same price like NEC 3520.


I’d keep the LG if I were you. It’s a really nice drive, fastest 16x burns on the planet and good quality burns at that. I’m going to be receiving my 5th PX-712A soon; Plextor has serious quality control issues so I’d avoid that 708A2. The NEC is nice, but rather slow for 8x burning (starts at 4x, too slow!).


Right, there is no 4x media that can be used for 8x burning in LG DVD writers. LG changed that policy a bit with their release of 12x GSA-4120B only because there was no 12x media. The sales rep must have been mistaken. Tell him to give you a free PX-708A2 since it was his fault. :bigsmile: My PX-708A can burn YUDEN000T01 and RICOHJPNR01 at 8x. I could get RICOHJPNR01 in the summer of 2003 at Ritek G04 prices and that was the primary reason to buy PX-708A in the first place.

For the most aggressive overspeed writing, Lite-On drives are still the best I think. :bigsmile:


Lite-On drives really don’t overspeed much with stock firmwares. Lite-On seems fairly conservative about overspeeding.


I forgot to add “with OmniPatcher.” :slight_smile:

However, it’s true a stock Lite-On 16x DVD writer supports only 8x to YUDEN000T02 media. Lite-On LDW-401S supported 8x to RICOHJPNR01 and YUDEN000T01.


Thanks Kenshin.
I own a PX-708A and i am overspeeding those 4xTYs and Ricohs to 8X.
708A2 uses the same hardware as 712A with a slightly modified firmware and with stock firmware it does 8X burns on DVD+R and -R. The 708A2 can be upgraded to 712A when rewriting the firmware for 712A and flashing it (in my first post of this thread i said no Plextor because of what is going on with PX-716 and other problems).
The reason for overspeeding is because i get Pro-use 4X DVD-R media at a special price of 50pcs @ 3000yen (FUJI 4x DVD-R TY OEM 50pcs are 4000yen) which normaly cost 50pcs @ >8000yen at discount stores which i know can be written at 8x with very high quality (higher quality than 8x DVD+R TY @ 8x or about same quality as TY 4x DVD-R @4x):bigsmile:. Now pro-use 8x DVD-R from same maker are priced at over 9000yen for 50pcs. 8x TY DVD-R is about 50pcs @ 4500 yen. Writing at 4x on these discs is possible on my PX-708A…


600 Yen for a media that works very well at 8x is a good price. I have to pay more like 900 Yen for Fujifilm TYG02.


Sorry Kenshin but i think you got a 0 too much…but never mind
Yeah those 50pcs @ 3000yen are a very good deal.
I think Im going to return the LG and get a NEC3500 or 3520 . Heard that Benq is not so good at DVD-R but very good at DVD+R so Benq is also no option here as well as plextor 712 or 716 are no option and i dont know about Toshiba/Samsungs new drive. I wanted to burn 8x on these high quality 4x DVD-R discs and for 4x burning I have my PX-708A (dont need another burner which can only write at 4x on these blanks…)


Oh, right, it should have been 60 Yen. :slight_smile: (I’m normally comfortable with Yen though.)

I would like to see some comprehensive test results on ND-3520A. TSST DVD writers are not good in my opinion. Not yet I mean.


Well thanks again too all of you.
I also would like to see a comprehensive test for the 3520 (YSS is still playing with his PX-716As lol). The TSST burner has two types the A and B version and specs, mainchip and design are very different (-RAM reading, Toshiba chipset, Mediatek chipset etc) so I think Ill pass those too…


It seems PX-716A will take a lot of YSS’s time. :slight_smile:


for the toshiba drive, if u wanna see some results u can read my burn tests


I have a similar problem with my LG 4120 (A111 firmware).

Fortunately, I don’t have much 4x media left. What I do have is either Verbatim (MCC01RG20) or Traxdata (RitekG04), and neither will overspeed.

However, my NEC 3500 will burn both these at 12x (with Quickee Beta 3 firmware) - although the Verbatim is much the better burn (and done in 6.50 mins).

I don’t buy 4x discs anymore, as the (good) 8x media is about the same price and will burn at 16x.


Koba, BenQ 1620 with FW B7T9 can burn YUDEN000-T01-01 at 4x, 8x and 12x.
Unfortunately I cannot confirm since I only have YUDEN000-T01-00.


This drive does not overspeed from all the several media i have tossed at it, however my Memorex 8X burner will recognize most of my 4x media as 8x. This is the part that i don’t like about my LG4163b.

The only Media that Overspeeds is the Fuji 8x Y02 @12x.

I find this as somewhat of a dissapointment as i have lots of 4x media, so i hooked up my 8x memorex writer also for those media. When Plextor or if they get the 716a bugs worked out, i may give it another go, or get the NEC3500 or 3520.


RICOHJPNR02 and MCC003 can be used for 12x writing as well. Though 12x in GSA-4163B is quite different from 16x.

I wasn’t much interested in LG DVD writers until about one year ago for my own use. I only bought an LG GSA-4082B mostly out of curiosity and 3x DVD-RAM and it was also rather cheap in South Korea. Much cheaper than PX-708A I bought some months before anyway. LG DVD writers just had more features than others. It was much different with GSA-4120B. It suddenly seemed an LG DVD writer could write as well or even better than a Pioneer DVD writer. It was more different with GSA-4163B. Not only quality and features, but speed as well.

For those who only want to use ONE drive for all among the hardware enthusiasts, an LG DVD writer may not be the best choice as it has always been the case. Even now, Lite-On DVD writers are still the best for overspeed writing and lots of easy tweaks.