LG GSA-4163B A105 TYG02 or MCC03RG20?


wanted to know which media is better for the LG GSA-4163B with the newest firmware A105 @ 4X.

I can get Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4,7 GB 8x printable Inkjet white media, price for the 100 pack Cake Box is ~ 65 $.

Media Code is: TYG02

Or should I get Verbatim Photo Printable DVD-R 4,7 GB 16x Inkjet white Jewel Case, price for 10 packs is ~ 78 $

Media Code is: MCC03RG20

What’s the better deal ?

I would need to buy extra DVD cases for the Taiyo Yuden bulk pack, at the end both will cost the same.

But what likes the LG GSA-4163B with A105 firmware more ?

I would mainly burn @ 4X.

Thank you very much in advance

Both are good but i still think TY is a bit more consistant. I bought 20x25 tyg02 recently and some boxes are very good = 20 discs with less than 100 pif other boxes with 2-300 pif. 1-2 disc pr box with 500-1200 pif. Current tub all look like this burned @ 8x with 4163/A105 and 5163/A105. As far as i remember mcc02rg20 i brilliant as well. Not sure i’d bother with mcc03rg20? :slight_smile: (Btw, you shouldn’t burn 16x media @ 4x) The 8x tyg02 is very good at 4x as well

The shops here don’t have the Verbatim DVD-R 8x MCC02RG20 Jewel Case packs in stock anymore.

Only used these, till I switched to the 16x.

I can get them, but not for the same price as the 16x MCC03RG20.

I had no coasters with the Verbatim 16x MCC03RG20 @ 4x yet, is it really that bad to burn 16x disks @ 4x ?

Always bought them in jewel cases not in cake box, heard the qualtiy is better.

Should I buy the Taiyo Yuden 8x 100 cake box ?

You have a great 16x burner and you have great 16x Verbatim media. Why on earth would you burn at 4x? I can see 8x but 16x media burns worse at slower speeds.

On the whole, I have better results with TYG02. I never burn 16x media at full speed, because they always turn out better at 12x. Unfortunately, the LG does not burn -R at 12x, so the choice is either 8x or 16x, and I get much better results at 8x. I agree with alan1476 that going slower is not a good idea.
Only advantage of the Verbatims is that you get a 1 mm smaller inner printable circle, which can be helpful with some labels.

Also give Verbatim MCC 004 a try
They consistently burn at 16X in 5 mn 31 with this kind of quality :

I would like to burn @ 8x or even faster, but the PS2 doesn’t like that very much.

Unfortunately the PS2 needs DVD-Rs.

Thanks guys, I will try the Taiyo Yuden then.

Will the PS2 not accept DVD+R media bitset to DVD-ROM?

I have never tried it, because it is recommended to use DVD-Rs with older PS2s.
Heard V9 and newer can read DVD+R even without bitsetting, mine is a V7.

What do you guys think, are the Plextor worth the extra cash ?

Plextor DVD-R 4,7 GB TY 8x Speed in Jewelbox

Media Code: TYG02

Price for a 5 pack: ~ 4 $

Reports are very good about Plextor TY’s. According to some, TY sells their best batches to Plextor. I don’t use jewelboxes, so not for me.

I have heard that also, that they sell their “First stamped to Plextor” for a premium.

Glad to hear they are good, before I place my order, I wanted to ask you guys which of these are better for the LG GSA-4163B:

Verbatim DataLife CD-R 700 MB 52x Cakebox
Manufacturer Name:Taiyo Yuden Company

Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R 700 MB 52x Cakebox
Manufacturer Name: ?

Are the Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-Rs manufactured by MCC ?

I have heard that Verbatim CD-Rs are manufactured in different Countries and that the quality varies quite a much.

Would you recommend me to buy the ones produced by Taiyo Yuden ?

Thanks again

FYI, I have much better results wth TYG02 and my LG using the A103 firmware. If I really want a great burn I will drop it to 4X.

See my sig.

I have seen Verbatim CDRs made by Ritek as well as CMC so it is hard to be sure what you will get. Unless they have a rebate they generally cost the same or more than the TY so I would stick with TY. They have to be pretty cheap for me to be content with CMC.

Today I have bought one Verbatim DVD+R 16X in Jewel Case to test, and it works great with my PS2 :iagree:

The only downside is, that they are very expensive here: ~1.45 $

That is a very nice scan you posted there, so you recommend going back to A103 when using TYG02 media ?

Is there a big difference ?

Perhaps you have a scan of A105 TYG02 @ 4x, unfortunately I don’t have another drive to test it myself.

Yep the DataLife TY are cheaper than the DataLifePlus CD-Rs, Taiyo Yuden media is only produced in Japan right ?

I doubt if I have a 4X but I might have an 8X. The drive is in an external 5 bay tower that I just closed up for the winter or I would flash back to A105 and test it for you. Based on what I have done before, I would be relatively certain that the burn on an LG 4163 would be better at 4X than at 8X, whatever the firmware. But if you are sticking to 4X and TYG02, I would go to A103. It is painless to go back and forth if you do find something you use that does better with A105.

This is one of four different burners I have that now does better with TY and Verbatim using older firmware. A very good argument for scanning.

What about the Flash ROM of the burner, does it not suffer from numerous flashing ?

I think the Plextor TYG02 will be out of stock soon, so I have to get either MCC03RG20 or MCC 004 Jewel Case editions.

I always thought that media sold in Jewel Cases have better quality, never had a single coaster.

Is that not the case anymore ?