LG GSA-4163B $49.99, free shipping at newegg.com



‘Deal of the day’ at newegg.com, don’t know how long this is going to last. I am quite fond of this 10,000 RPM monster that can record a 16x DVD-R in 5:18 and a DVD+R in 5:33, with quality that is usually better than BenQ DW1620 at the same speed (it doesn’t do quality scans, though).

Beige drive is $49.99:
Black drive is $52.99:


I’ve seen the great quality on -Rs with the 5:18 speed, but yet need to see the same quality on the +Rs with the 5:33. Can you show me some links? I am kinda +R guy.

Oh by the way, to my knowledge, the -R 5:18 on 4163 was not a full disk.


What you saw was a 5:17 burn of a 4463 MB DVD volume. A 24 MB difference is not important since a full 4488 MB -R disc would’ve taken 1.2 sec longer (16x=22 MB/s). That would’ve been a 5:18 burn.

Here’s a 5:17 16x -R burn on LG GSA-4163B.


And now to 16x +R.

First, a 5:30 16x +R burn of a 4463 MB DVD on an LG GSA-4163B.

Second, an untimed 16x +R burn of a slightly smaller volume on a BenQ DW1620, WOPC off. Same media, from the same spindle.


Here’s a couple of quality scans of 16x burns by LG 4163 on Verbatim-branded MCC004. These were burned by DVD Decrypter so I don’t have transfer graphs or times for them.


Deal must be over…

Beige is listed $52.99

Black is listed $56.99

Shipping is $4 on each


Thanks for the beautiful scans agent009…