LG GSA 4163 B DVD burner won't write to -R

my LG burner won’t write to -R. +R works good. I’m runing 104 firmware and have mny DMA settings set for “if available”- ULTRA MODE 2. The unit has been replaced three times and still same problem. I’ts cabled correctly to the secondary IDE and is the master (my CD ROM/writer is slave)I’ve used NERO and DVD Clone buring software- no difference. In fact the NERO utlities won’t work ont he -R medium as well. I’ve tried Sony and Maxell disks- both the same problem.Can anyone sugest somehting else to try? Should I just give up on this LG burner???

What do you mean “won’t write to -R”? LG 4163 writes to anything.
The only thing I can think of (unless you have had 3 defective LG 4163 drives - improbable to say the least) is that you have crappy dvd-r media. DMA, master slave, software does not influence + or - burning.
Are you sure the unit was replaced? Maybe they tested it, found no problem and just returned it to you…

it’s not the media… I stick in the disk (i’ve tried a bunch)… tell it to burn and it starts and then stalls… say at 53%-consistently for one file I’ve tried… from there the LG just blinks green forever… I then stop the process and it tells me the application is not reponding… the burner won’t eject the disk until I re-boot…

if I use a +R disk it works great…

and yep… it was replaced… three times with three new units… all have the same issue… it has to be something with a setting on my PC or ?

Why do you say it’s not the media? Sounds like it to me, if another type of media always works fine. You could try good -r media such as Verbatim MCC03RG20 or Taiyo Yuden TYG02. I have burned lots of each and not one has stalled.

Do you use native Windows drivers for the IDE controller.

There have been problems with nForce drivers.

aside from the media do you have any other ideas… I’ve used Sony and Maxell disk… the + work…wait for it… and the - don’t…

ok… good question but I don;t know the answer to this… how do I determine this? is it listed in Bios or?

i´m using SONY08D1 (-r 8x) works great for me

Coogs: look in Device manager which IDE driver is used for both IDE channels.

Did u say that “one” file u tried to burn was stalled?? I have a 5163D which has the same problem with the notebook. Then I found out that when I moved the file to another drive, it burns fine. (but then stuck on the other file) So I copy everything on the DVD ram disc and tried disc copy on that drive and it failed at similar places. The I defragment the drive which took me 8 hours and there is no problem ever since…
Maybe u should try to defragment ur hard drive.
(note: Originally when I burn on -R(CMC AE1), it stuck at around 36%, and burn on +R, it stuck at 63%(CMC E01), for ur infomation)

ok Team… thanks for the suggestions but I finally gave up… took the damn thing back to Best Buy… told them it was a piece of crap… got my bucks back after a fight and went to Costco and bought an AOPEN 16X DVD+_ RW… put it it in and it works swell… saved 10 bucks on the deal to boot… my recomendation is you stay away from LG… despite what folks say I’ll never buy another LG product… goes in the same crap bucket at as HP…

over and out

hmmmm thats pretty harsh I have 3 LGs and theyre all awesome. They do the best burns to -R whether its expensive TYG02 or cheap cheap VDSPMSAB001 or AN32 you were just unlucky

I have two lg at home boot work’s fine.
For media I use TDT and Verbatim + or - r all work fine.

It seems to me like another consumer who returned FOUR NEW LG GSA-4163B units without any good reason. Any chance I can buy some of those returned GSA-4163B, DW1620A, ND-3500A, SOHW-1693S, etc. for 30% less than the lowest newegg.com prices? :bigsmile: I’m pretty sure over 90% of them work just as well as the drives used by CDFreaks reviewers.

good reason…? I guess I should have just kept it then… stare at it all day without it having any functionality for what I need it for… that makes perfect sense…by the way… it was three total… and yeah… you want to buy them… just send me a cert cheque and I’ll make sure you get them… fill your boots…

Just learn to use hardware properly. Blame yourself if you don’t know. Many people here have tried to help solve your problems but you just chose to get your money back and not just one drive but FOUR. The six posts of yours in this thread are all you posted on CDFreaks and you want me to send hundreds of US dollars first?

Returning drives without first trying to solve the problems isn’t ever recommeded on CDFreaks. Because it’s immoral and counter-productive. You already said yourself that your drive worked well with DVD+R media.

if I use a +R disk it works great…

and yep… it was replaced… three times with three new units… all have the same issue… it has to be something with a setting on my PC or ?

You asked whether it had something to do with your PC setting, so what did you do to locate the problem source?

4163B is one of the best drives of all times.Many reviews find it better in writing quality even with the doubled priced 716A.I personally don’t use -R for a long time,now.I find the bitsetting trick to +R better than anything else.

PX-716A costs three times more than Samsung TS-H552B in South Korea. 2.5 times more than LG GSA-4163B. 2x more than BenQ DW1640.

Anyway I think that they will not let us down with the next release.

I have a lg gsa 4163b and have a problem with dvd-r dl. dvd5-r works great, but dvd-r dl is not recognized. I’m running A105 firmware version. What can I do? Blanks dvd dual layer are very very expensive and I bought 10 pieces without be informed about non compatibility :frowning: What can I do to my LG DVD-RW to recognized this DVD9-r media ?
10x in advance!