LG GSA-4161B in South Korea


4161B for 89,000 Won, cheaper than 4160B

DVD Family :
4x ( 5400KB/sec ) CLV

4x ( 5400KB/sec ) CLV

12x ( 16200KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

( single layer )


8x ( 10800KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

( dual layer )


6x ( 8100KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

Access Time

160 ms

CD Family :
40x ( 6000KB/sec ) maximum by P-CAV

24x ( 3600KB/sec ) maximum by PCAV in UltraSpeed disc

40x ( 6000KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

Access Time
140 ms

Buffer Size :
2 MB

PC Required :
Pentium III 450 MHz or faster CPU and 128 MB or higher RAM are required

650 MB HDD available capacity; and 5 GB free space for creating a DVD image file

Compatibility :
Windows 98 / NT4.0 / ME / 2000 / XP

MTBF ( Life ) :
70,000 Hours

S/N Ration :
>75 dB

Environment :
5C to 45C; Relative Humidity : 15% to 80%

-40C to 60C; Relative Humidity : 15% to 95%

Dimension :
145.0 ( W ) x 41.3 ( H ) x 170.0 ( D ) mm

Weight :
<0.9 Kg

Voltage Requirements :
+5V +/-5% and less than 100 mVp-p ripple voltage

+12V +/-5% and less than 200 mVp-p ripple voltage

I can’t find anything different from GSA-4160B.

I was mistaken. GSA-4160B price is 88,000 Won, still the lowest among all 16x DVD writers, but the prices quoted here are all for “back-imported” ones. Retail domestic drives cost more than 50% more.

The above link doesn’t work. It was a mistake on the part of Danawa.co.kr to list it as GSA-4161B. It’s GWA-4161B without DVD-RAM writing feature.

Retail domestic bulk GSA-4120B: 86,000 Won

Back-imported GSA-4160B: 88,000 Won

Back-imported GWA-4161B: 88,000 Won

In October, 2004. ROM version A100.


US$69 in the US market, bare drive.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.



Okay, but what are the differences between 4160 and 4161 now?

rellay confusing,




So far, I can only think of one thing: missing DVD-RAM.

Hi Kenshin,

but why would LG just throw away their most interesting feature? At least here in germany, DVD-RAM has become quite popular among experts :smiley:



Perhaps to make it a little cheaper to those who don’t want DVD-RAM.

Hi Kenshin,

how could it be cheaper without dvd-ram, do you need an additional chip for that? Or is it caused by licensing issues (i.e. fees to be paid for dvd-ram)?

I personally don’t think it makes any sense to produce a 4161 without and a 4163B with dvd ram support. But I’m just a novice, maybe you can explain it :slight_smile:



LG doesn’t need to pay much because Hitachi is part of the DVD-RAM liicense holders and LG also has some DVD-related licenses, but from their point of view, every US$0.01 is important.

I bought this drive GSA-4161B and contacted LGE about support. This drive is only for OEM assembly and LG support is only for OEM too. Means that no firmware updates will be available for home user, unless that provided but computer manufacturer OEM (IBM, DELL, TOSHIBA, etc, etc)

Can anyone indicate where can I get links for OEM support inside LGE web site? Or another link to firmwares for this drive.

I think I´ve bought a problem, not a DVD burner drive.

That’s the official response because that’s how the “OEM” relationship works. If you look at various links at rpc1.org for firmware downloads, you will notice there are separate links for different OEMs even for the same hardware as in the following link.


Here’s a firmware for GWA-4083B which I found via rpc1.org LG firmware pages.



But I can’t find one for 4161B.

I spent a few hours at a friends, sorting out why he couldn’t burn DVDs (it was DMA & crappy media issues). It turns out the burner was an LG 4161. So, I had it burn a movie on Sony media and took it home and scanned it in my Plextor.

And a very nice burn it was! Not as good as my burner using Taiyo Yuden media, but not that far off either. Perhaps this burner doesn’t need firmware updates? :bigsmile:

Anyway, here’s the details:

Sony DVD-R (SONY08D1, Made in Taiwan) 8x burned @ 8x.