LG GSA-4160B will not burn at 8x



This is an ATA33 drive on an 80pin cable (also have a ATA66 Pioneer DVD-116 reader on the same channel) and the drive still has factory firmware from when it was purchased last summer. Refer to this thread for info on problems with Pioneer Drive, I believe they may be connected, anyway…

I have been using Nero Express (no upgrades) that came with the SuperMulti LG drive mentioned above and DVD Shrink 3.2. I have backed up my entire collection of 50 or so DVDs with no issues on Maxell 4x DVD+Rs (first 15) then the rest on Maxell 4x DVD-Rs. I have not had a hitch, until…

I picked up some Memorex 8x DVD-Rs, they burn great at 4x but will not burn at 8x no matter what I do. I get an immediate “Write Error” whether I am backing up data or backing up a DVD. DVD Shrink will not allow me to select a speed between 4x and 8x, so experimentation has been limited. All I know is that this setup (see signature) will not burn at 8x but it should have no trouble at all.

So I ran all the diagnostics in NeroTest, and everything was fine and I even had a nice 25MBps burst speed for reading data and video DVDs. So why can’t I write at 8x (approx 11Mbps stream?) I could not get the Write Disc test to work with one of those 8x DVD-Rs.

If you need more info let me know, I am on all day.


I’m having similar problems with my 4120B and haven’t quite figured it out either. The only expert advice I’ve gotten so far is “use better media”. I think these LG drives are overly particular about the discs they like. My desktop recorder burns anything I throw at it.

I just ordered a few sample packs from Rima and am going to see what kind of results I get with them. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but your configuration doesn’t look like the problem.


Start with the media that your manufacturer recommends or read around this forum to see what others have experienced.


Why did you switch from Maxell to Memorex. IMO that’s moving a step down as far as media is concerned. My thought is that if you find a media that your drive likes, stay with it (that applies to any brand of drive). It has been pointed out more than a few times that the LG burners are somewhat particular about media. Would you rather have it fail during the write process or fail down the road when you try to get the data off of the disc? Feels like I’m beating a dead horse but…it’s your data not mine.


First of all I have to apologize, I actually have a 4120B and not a 4160B. Because of the dates of reviews and forum posts I was sure I had a 4160B. Since I was away from my PC for a while and not able to confirm what drive I had, I was convinced I had bought a 4160B. I am rather happy about this is any event since this drive differs only in that it burns DVD+R at 12x instead of 16x, I can live with that :slight_smile:

Now, I solved the issue, I went to lge.com and downloaded the latest firmware A115 for the 4120B (I had A102 from the factory.) I switched to a 40pin IDE cable (I was using an 80pin, why it would make a difference I do not know) I also set the LG drive to master on the secondary channel and the pioneer dvd drive to slave using the jumpers on the drives. The Pioneer drive is ATA66 but I figured it’ll still run at ATA33. And it does, like a champ, auto detected at UDMA 33. And I have backed up two PS2 games and a DVD with no supervision (of the drives that is, I do not need supervision :slight_smile: ) And they were burned at 8x on the 4120B.

In conclusion, I updated the firmware of the GSA-4120B, changed from an 80-pin IDE cable to a 40-pin IDE cable, set the drives to master and slave with jumpers, and the LG is the master. I also went to ahead.com and grabbed the latest “winaspi.dll” and updates for nero express ( Problem solved. Oh, and I have Windows XP professional SP2.



Why would I switch? I have used memorex CD-R and Maxell CD-R and I have never had a problem with either of them. I made the assumption that their DVD media would be of the same quality and standard as their CD media. And I was right. I will do the tests in nero later and tell you what the performance of that media is like in that drive. You will probably see no difference in read/write speeds so I would be confident to recommend either maxell or memorex to anyone with a GSA-4120B.

I am not even sure if either of those companies even manufacture their own media.



My only beef with Memorex is that they use several different manufacturers. I have 4x +RW (MKM), 4x -R (CMC) and 2x -RAM (Optodisc). The Optodisc is pure junk but the rest have been okay. If Memorex works good for you, stick with it.


hello all

According to the reports I have and specs from LG the

LG GSA-4160B will not burn at 8x

max burn is 5x but when using +RW DVD media it should burn at 8X… But that is the only media that will burn at 8x…


After reading the first post I was gonna say the 4160 is an ATA66 drive so would have suggested a chipset driver problem if it was only detected as ATA33 but since it is really the 4120 it isn’t a problem. However, using an 80 conductor cable can only help as it just reduces the potential for interference. I would always prefer to place the fastest and/or main burner on the primary position.

As said, it is always best to use manufacturer recommended media, although generally you can’t go far wrong with Mitsubishi Kagaku, Taiyo Yuden and Hitachi-Maxell (all under various brands including their own). LG recommended is something like this:

CD-R - LG, Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, or SKC
CD-RW - LG, Ricoh, Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim
DVD-R - Maxell, Taiyo Yuden, JVC
DVD-RW - JVC, Mitsubishi Chemical, TDK
DVD+R - Taiyo Yuden, JVC, Ricoh
DVD+RW - TDK, Fujifilm
DVD+R DL - Mitsubishi Chemical
DVD RAM - Maxell, Panasonic


very very interesting as to the different mfg media for different speeds… That is real crazy… most the media as stated I have not seen on the the US market shelves…

And suprising Imation is not even listed…

Thanks for the media/speed information…

Got a question, probably wrong place, but while I am here… and it is time for my zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’sssss…

What would be considered the best, compatable, functional and reliable DVD Dual Layer Burner.???

I also find very interesting, that a difficulity lies in finding Dual Layer media in retail outlets in US, at least in Florida ( so far ), I also find very interesting the Dual Layer media is mfg in only DVD+R … Am I correct in the +r only for Dual layer???

all have a good day/evening and
be good to yourselves…


ive never had a prob with the GSA-4160B :wink:


hello all

Needless to say, I had some Memorex CD-RW and DVD/RW which became coasters.

I went to the Memorex web site and told them of my plight… They in turn, replaced all. It wasn’t required for me to send any of those bad ones to them.

I think that was not only nice of them, but makes me really wonder that they (memorex) cares about their customers and perhaps, have had numerious inquiries as to the failure of the Media… Cheaper to replace than to hassel, I think…

Just thought I would mention this experience…

Have a great day…


good on memorex to do that


A117 is the latest firmware for the 4120B. Try it. You’ll like it.