LG GSA-4160B VS. Samsung TS-H552B

Hey im looking at buying either an LG or samsung DVD burner - reason being is that they are exactly the same price and both relatively cheap. does anyone have an opinion on brand between these two?

the LG model is : GSA-4160B

the Samsung model is : TS-H552B

any thoughts/experiences with these 2 brands?

If you don’t have a very strong reason to use 16x speed, I’d like to recommend GSA-4120B instead of either 4160B or TS-H552B. GSA-4120B is better than both. I’ve used all three. 4120B must be cheaper than 4160B, too. If you still have to decide between the two, choose GSA-4160B.

Writing qualiity for both GSA-4120B and GSA-4160B are very good, but you have to use only relatively good media for them to work properly. TS-H552B is also good at writing good quality media, but does not provide any kind of over-speed writing. You cannot burn Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 at 12x or 16x, for instance. It could be very frustrating.