LG GSA-4160b stopped burning DVD's

:sad: Hi folk’s maybe someone can gelp me
bought burner LG-GSA-4180B a half a year ago and it worked fine last week i formated my pc and now the burner won’t burn any dvd;s (cd’s yes but no dvd) used to burn avi files ti dvd and had no problems with it but now it want work
maybe and please :Z someone out there can help me thanks to all of u

Are you using the built-in burner software in Windows XP per chance?

That will burn CD media but is not cabable of creating DVDs. If this is the case, I would highly recommend having a look at a third-party program called Nero, which you can download from www.ahead.de

i’m using the latest neroversion! it’s strange because before i formatted my pc it worked fine

If you have a valid warranty and bought it from a local supplier, it might be worthwhile seeing if you can exchange the drive. Or before that, you could try fitting it to a mates system and seeing if DVD burning works on it.