LG gsa-4160b problems!

What’s up guys how are u doing, i own a Lg gsa-4160b dvd writer, since… 5 months , the dvd writer was working perfect, but at one disc while was burning it, gives me an error something like : failed to focus or something like that, so i try to burn again the disc and then burn it ok, but when i saw the back part of the dvd i saw a ring almost at the end of the border of the dvd, when i tried to make an iso file of the disc worked perfect until 98% then cant be read it, that happens several times until i restarted the pc, then worked ok, i will try to burn other disc soon, btw i used RITEK G05 disc, that always worked perfect for me, any comment about that really weird problem?thx in advance, i hope that my dvd writer inst dying so soon :cry:

BTW i use firmware 303

If only one disc gave you that error it could be the disc faulty… try other discs and if the problem persist then you should think that it can be the writer; no need to worry for the moment.

Keeps happening :S dont know why :sad: , anyone had this problem before?