LG GSA-4160B limited to 2.4x DVD burning



I just bought a GSA-4160B and Nero only allows me to write at 2.4x speed, even on 4x or 8x media. It burns the discs fine, and my DVD player reads them perfectly.

I’ve already updated to the latest Nero and updated my chipset/ide/aspi drivers. I’m running Windows Server 2003 on an Asus A7V333, the drive is secondary master with nothing on it’s slave, on an 80-pin cable, and Windows recognizes it as UDMA4 (ATA66 I believe). Burning cd’s works fine at 40x…

I’m not using the version of Nero included with the burner, since I already had Nero installed for my previous CD burner, if that might be the issue…

Any suggestions?


What media are you using ? Use DVD Identifier to produce a report about the media.


yeah it’s prolly the media


Upgrade Nero to latest version.

Your LG GSA-4160B are probably not supported by the version you are using.


Well, I made it work and made myself feel stupid all at the same time. I inadvertently put a stack of older discs on top of my spindle of new 8x discs. It all works fine now…
Though it was interesting to find out that the older Verbatim discs were made by CMC Magnetics, but the newer ones were Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.



yeah some of the older verbatims are cmc. good thing they went back to mcc


Known Nero bug. The drive does not even support 2.4x speed on 8x media