LG GSA-4160b latest firmware



I can see firmware 304 is the latest one for the LG GSA-4160b dvd-writer.
But I can’t find info about it.
What does this firmware brings?
Improved writing quality? Bitsetting?


Can someone help, please?




I can find information on A303 only.

◆ 모델:GSA-4160B
◆ 버전:A303
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There is a 304 Version, but I dont know where it came from because you cant find it on LG`s homepage. Thats why I am sttill working with V. 303 and I am still waiting for a +R bitsetting firmware.
Here you can download the version 304:


That download link is for the Buffalo OEM model DVSM-5816FB, not LG’s own.


Though I don’t know any reason why the 3.04 version shouldn’t be used in LG GSA-4160B except that it will void warranty. Sometimes OEMs get newer versions of firmware earlier for their drives than manufacture’s own retail brands.


The link shows it is from Melco who sells the Buffalo branded drives made by Hitachi in Japan.