LG GSA-4160B doesn't recognize a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc


I’m desperate. I bought an LG GSA-4160B drive to be able to burn DL DVD’s. The drive burns single layer discs just fine, but it doesn’t recognize the Verbatim double layer DVD+R I’ve bought. When I insert such a disc in the drive, it begins to flash the light and hum and crackle. Disc Info of Nero 6 tries and tries to read the disc, but finally says that the drive is either not ready or it doesn’t have a disc in it. When I double click My Computer, the window opens, but hangs immediately.

I’ve already upgraded the firmware, Windows XP and Nero, but nothing seems to help. Finally I thought the drive was broken and took it to the store I bought it from. I got another one, but it has all the same problems.

What could be wrong? I thought Verbatim discs should be reliable.

Help me please, I’m on my knees… :bow:

They are reliable though that doesn’t mean they are absolutely perfect. Obviously, the GSA-4160B you returned could read and burn DVD+R DL but your computer has some problems.

Did you try something other than Nero Burning Rom? Like Kprobe, DVD Identifier, Nero CD-Speed, Nero Infotool. If the media is blank, no need to try to read it in Windows Explorer. Often the fastest way to find what’s wrong is to connect a drive to another PC. Can’t the store test it on site before giving it to you?

Thanks for the quick reply, Kenshin!

I would have believed one disc to be faulty, but not both two I have. Therefore I realized the rest of the computer is causing this. Any ideas what it might be?

No, I haven’t. I only have Nero and I didn’t know any other programs. I’ll try some of those. I’m going to try to install the drive on my other computer to see if that combination would work. The store is a computer warehouse and they don’t have the possibility to test the drive there.

Well, now I know what I’m going to do next weekend… :frowning:

All of the programs I listed are easy to get. When you install Nero Burning Rom, there might be also Nero CD-Speed and Nero Infotool installed together.

Hopefully, it will be only minutes of tests rather than hours. The biggest purpose of CD and DVD recording is “backup”, to have more than one occasion of any data one has. A backup PC or two is also good.

Nero CD-Speed


It deffinetly sounds strange, but i think that installing the drive in a different computer should deffinetly work. At least it will confirm that the drive is ok and that it is the computer that is acting up. Also, what firmware version do you currently have on it ?


The drive came with A300. I’ve updated is to A302 as suggested by LG tech support.

I’m still wondering how the test programs will run, when the drive itself doesn’t seem to accept the DL discs. :confused: I’ll give it a try, anyway. Next weekend I’ll try to install the drive to another computer. We’ll see if that helps. It won’t solve my problem, though. I have to get the drive to work in the computer I use for video editing!

Thanks for any ideas!

This is sooo strange… The drive works perfectly now :bow:

I thought maybe my power source wasn’t strong enough to keep the drive running fast enough. It’s got 380 W, so I didn’t think it would be likely. I removed my video capture card to lower the power demand and restarted the computer. The drive worked perfectly!! I then decided I need to buy a new power source. I shut down the computer and inserted the capture card back. I then restarted the computer and gave the drive one more try with the DL disc. AND IT WORKS!!! I have no idea why, but there are many unexplainable fenomenas in the world. Maybe this is one of them. :bigsmile:

Thanks for all your help, anyways!

get a good true power PS. Not a generic one as many of the generic PS do not hold the specs they list