Lg Gsa-4160b-b

i am very new to the forum and have a question

any1 knows if its possible to change BOOKTYPEFIELD by burning
an DVD with the GSA-4160B ??
i cant find any info about it


Dont work in mine…

I upgrade to firmware A301.

Try the DVDInfo:

IOData seems to provide a booktype setting utility with their DVR-ABH16W which seems to be a custom GSA-4160B. I have not been able to find the utility online anywhere, maybe someone with this IOData drive could share the tool? Here’s a screenshot:

Actually if someone is so kind to send me a serial number of an iodata drive i think i could download it…

i think the tool is really useful.
i could not find it as well.

I see nothing on that tool that says anything about changing booktype on a Disc. It seems to be a tool for controlling the tray, giving you an option for the tray to close automatically after being open a certain time, or how the drive should act if you shut down or restart with a disc still in the tray.

:confused: i cant read Jap

I have heard the A104/401 firmware supports bitsetting with Nero.

i don’t understand jap too, if someone is so kind to translate…
but if dhc014 says it works, why i have to doubt?

btw…no one here can send me a s/n for the drive?


I can read the Japanese on the utility. It’s not for changing booktype; it’s a tray control application. It simply displays booktype along with the media code.

apparently LG4160 f/w still not able to supp bitsetting. i wonder why they did not include it in :confused:


To my knowledge
It is illegal for most companys to sell a drive that can burn Ripped dvd movies in DL.
It is allso illegal for most DVD players to play DVD+R DL witch is why most boxes dont tell you it can do it.

Dont fear as it is not illegal yet for a firmware update to have it so you will see it in some months. :wink: