Lg Gsa-4160

Does the LG GSA-4160 support (read and/or write) double-sided 9.4 DVD-RAM discs? If so, what exact specs does the media need to have in order to be compatible?

should do, thats a standard DVD-RAM disc and as far as I know it can do 'em.

It just has to be v.2.0 and later media. In other words, as long as the size is 9.4G, you’re safe :smiley:

Also, for better results, use 5x speed media or else it will take a loooooooong time to burn any big files.


What about the cartridge situation? It seems as if all the 9.4 GB DVD-RAM discs I am finding are cartridge-enclosed; also I’m not seeing Type 2, just Type 1 or Type 4.

LG never supports cartridged typed dvdrams. if u only hav the cartridge type, then u must remove it.

Any tips on which media to use on the GSA-4120B? I tried to burn using 4X Ritek DVD+R, BurnMaster 8X DVD+R some unkown 8X DVD-R and here is what happened with all three media types…

Burn appears to progress, but very very slowly - one single percent of progress clicks by every 30 seconds on a full 4.7GB burn. Do the math and that would take 50 minutes! The burn should take only 14-15 minutes on a 4X burn.

Also, the name of the current file being burned in Nero flashes (whereas normally it doesn’t). Also, the light on the drive flashes on and off during the burn. I never waited for an entire burn, I just ditched it because something was obviously wrong and I became aggravated at the delay.

I am hoping that the problem is incompatible media and not a drive problem, but it’s hard for me to know. If someone can mention media known to work with this drive, then I can at least start the process of elimination. Ideally, I want to do 8X burns.

how do u connect all ur drives? list our all ur IDE devices

Onboard Primary IDE channel: HDD #1 (Master), HDD #2 (Slave)
Onboard Secondary IDE channel: DVD-ROM (Master)
PCI Promise IDE Controller Card Primary Channel: LG GSA-4160B DVD MultiWriter (Master)

u shld connect ur LG to ur onboard ide, not the pci card!

I’ll give it a shot and re-test, but with the current connection I was able to burn successfully to DVD-RW and DVD-RAM.

The issue is with DVD-R and DVD+R.

use better media n test again. dun judge a burner by the media u use. sometimes it is the media crap , not the burner.

Promise Controllers are known for not supporting ATAPI drives correctly!

Good call…I moved the device to master of onboard secondary IDE and that seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you.