LG GSA-4160 firmware



I’m new on this forum and I’d like to salute everyone.

I have an question: It possible to put the firmware update from GSA-4163 to GSA-4160? Could be works this GSA-4160 after flash in this way?


P.S. Escuse me for my english gramaar.


No, the hardware is different and the firmware files are also different.

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So, between GSA-4160 and GSA-4163 the diferences is so big?! Actualy I have an GSA-4160BB, buy it about 2 months ago.

Thanks in advance.


Then return it and get GSA-4163B.

Yes, the differences are very big though none of them may mean nothing to many.


As Kenshin suggested, I got a LG GSA-4163B DVD writer. When I installed it, I found that it has A103 firmware… do you suggest upgrading to the A104?



No, I’d suggest upgrading to A105 (the latest) instead.