Lg Gsa 4120b

I hope to be helped even if I have more than one question. I tried for the first time to burn a DL DVD+R (Verbatim 2.4) with 4120B. It took abt 40 min with Nero and was successfully,but unfortunately I could read it only with LG unit and seems not OK in the final with freezing images.
I hoped that it would be possible to read it with my Pioneer 520 DVD recorder but the disk isn’t recognized. Now my question to the experts in DL burning and reading is:what is the best way at the present to PC burn-DVD player read a DL? I think Verbatim media is OK, but may be there is something better.
Thanks to all.

Verbatim is about the best you can get for DVD+R DL discs. The problem with the disc not being recognised by your DVD recorder is probably a booktyping issue. Set the booktype to DVD-ROM for DVD+R DL media. It should be possible to do that with the 4120B if you have updated the firmware. Booktyping was added in one of the later versions of firmware (forgot which one exactly so just go and get the latest version).

Also, the software you use to do the burn makes a difference. Don’t use Nero as it has certain problems with the layer break between layers. Typically, the disc may stall when certain players try to switch between layers. Try ImgBurn instead (http://www.imgburn.com, freeware), which doesn’t have this problem.

Thank you karangguni ! I’ll follow your suggestions. I knew this morning by Pioneer Italy that at present “normal” DVD player/recorder as 520 can’t read DL at all and they are just starting to sell the new 930 (?) for DL at abt 1000 €. Can you confirm that a DL player is so expensive?


I have had a look at Pioneer.de website, and I couldn’d find a DVD+R DL capable player. There are some, that support DVD-R DL.

and they are just starting to sell the new 930 (?) for DL at abt 1000 €.
Ouch! :o
Can you confirm that a DL player is so expensive?
Panasonic DVD-S42ES. 89€ (no typo, see www.panasonic.de) recommended price here in Germany.


Thanks mciahel! I’m going to visit Panasonic site.It would be great if it would be able to read home-made DL!

Attention please!!! After mciahel reply, I was very glad and I find out also a NEW Panasonic DVD player, the more advanced S52, but after buying it,I couldn’t play any dual layer DVD (home made,of course)! So,looking carefully the instructions,I realized that it “may” read dls only masterized with DVD recorders (!!!) and not at all the ones PC burned. I let you imagine what I’m thinking about Panasonic brand! Thank you everybody.