Lg Gsa-4120b


I was flashing up to the recent version of A115 and everything went fine. My system still was not seeing the DVD burner as a LG device. I then down loaded the driver for the LG but it was for formating DVD-Ram device. Did I just distroy my DVD burner?

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as what your system is seeing it? it shouldnt identify its name as lg but as hl-dt-st or something similar i suggest youll have a look at http://www.hitachi.com/New/cnews/E/2000/1005/
as for the thing you downloaded it sounds like a utility to format a dvd-ram disc if youll give a link ill check what its about
i doubt you wrecked the drive

First of all, Thanks.

The link ware I got the driver is “http://www.cdrom-drivers.com/drivers/239/239838.htm

One thing I noticed is that I can see the DVD with the current Flash in BIOS but it is not coming up in my sys tray as an item.

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that driver as just like i tought for supporting dvd-ram,anyway in the future i suggest youll get drivers from manufacturer site its more reliable also there youll find the latest while on others that isnt sure

i dont understand what you mean regarding the system tray give more info about it

First things first, Thanks Phil,

I noticed in the Control Panel, System hardward that because it tryed to install a incorrect driver that it placed it as a hidden deivce. I have removed the incorrect driver and refreshed the hardware tray and all is good I have my DVD back :clap: I realy thank you for you help. I think that before :eek: becoming a deer in the head lights I should look first.

Thanks for all your help!