LG GSA-4120B wont work

I recently got a new Dell system with DVD RW drive installed, I then added the LG drive so i could copy DVD’s however since installing it in the dell, it wont read anything. i have tried all different configs and have the latest firmware but still not joy. The system recognises the drive without problems but nothing !. can anyone help

Maybe it’s not properly installed. Can you post some screenshots?

Sorry Im new to this, what do you wants screen shots of ? is it device mngr

It’s your PC so you probably know what are in your PC. Post screenshots that are important in your PC environment. If not sure, just post everything you have done with GSA-4120B. If you already know what Device Manager is, why not? Your being a newbie doesn’t mean that I should be a mind reader.

What have you done after you bought it? Tried different configurations? Tried on another PC? Reinstalled software and drivers?

I have done the following
re installed the driver,
changed the configuration from slave to master and cable select,
set as primary or secondary drive
checked with LG for latest driver

LG provides firmware for the drive only. Software and drives are provided by others like Microsoft and ATi.