Lg Gsa-4120b Vs Liteon SOHWD 1213 12X

LG GSA-4120B 12X Super Multi Internal DVD+/-R/RW Drive ($200 - but can record dual layer)


Liteon SOHW 1213S 12x 4x / 8x 4x + 48x 24x 48x Half-Height DVD-Dual ($150 - can’t 'record dual layer)

Please help me!!!

look in the liteon forum and u’ll see the 1213 needs more firmware work. No idea about the LG, but the liteon isn’t ready yet. Give it a few more firmware releases and it may be ready.

Thanks booma…cool name…

Where do you live? What stores are selling GSA-4120B for $200?

Buy Lite-On 812S or 851S if you want DL and save money. You might be able to have a GSA-4120B or even a 16x writer with the saved money sometime later.

All prices are in CND funds…

These seem to be the best two burners I can find in my area and I don’t have a lot of time look around…

I’m in South Korea. GSA-4120B’s cheaper than SOHW-1213S here.

So, Kenshin, very interested in which one you’d recommend?

If you want DVD-RAM as an extra feature, buy GSA-4120B.

If you don’t, buy SOHW-1213S.

I have both.

I would say: GSA-4120B!

$200 for the LG Burner ?!?!??!?

Must be FutureShop / Best Buy…

Look in the computer paper and u will see many places sell OEM for 120-130.

When you say $200, please add which dollar it is. There are US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, and many more.

and why liteon kenshin? in which case performs the liteon better than the lg, or what are the advantages / disadvantages?