LG GSA-4120B: to NOAD or A104?


anyone here mind to tell me should i switch back to A104 from NOAD?

thanks in advance

media i usually use with is:
RICOHJPN R01 (use with Benq actually for 8x, 4x rated)
RITEK R03-001 or 002 not too sure (use with Benq actually for 8x, 4x rated i think)
MCC002 (also use with Benq actually for 8x, 4x rated)
going to try out PRODISC R03(8x rated) if got chance, should i? heard it is the best for LG 4120B :rolleyes:

sigh, now i dunno why i got my LG drive, may because of the DVD-RAM support, and by the way, any idea on DVD-RAM 5x?

thanks in advance


I’d like to recommend ricohjpnr02 and TY’s t02 8x DVD+R. I haven’t tried Prodisc R03 and proably not going to because Prodisc is not cheap even compared to TY in Seoul.

NOAD not good for me.
some ppl like NOAD because of bitsetting.

i think the choice is you urself.

My experience with A104 has left a sour taste in my mouth.

DL disc burnt with A104 is unreadable in my Liteon 166 DVD-ROM drive. (and when tested with KProbe the burn quality was worse than other discs burnt with N0AD anyway)

You might be better off staying with N0AD because of bitsetting and compatibility.

Just my 2c worth.

Use the firmware that work for you. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably go back to N0AD (again) to burn DVD+R SL, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL. As far as I have experienced, N0AD seems to burn TY SL and Mitsubishi DL disks very well. I usually like to use the latest things on most but I won’t like it if an expensive DL disk is not read in some of my drives and players. :iagree: