LG GSA-4120B sometimes burns at 6x in stead of 8x

I’ve been using my LG GSA-4120B for about 9 months now and like it a lot.
I’ve tried several media throughout this time and quickly “standardized” on Datawrite x8 DVD+R Prodisc-R03-03.
I’ve burned (8x) almost 6 spindels (25 cakebox) of these, always do a verify, none of them ever failed or showed any strange behaviour during the verify read back.

This week, I noticed the burner didn’t accelerate any further after starting with 6x. Burn was fine though. I’ve tried a few more and it appears that 1 out of 3 now burns at 6x, the others at the normal 8x.

I’m using the official A115 firmware. Nothing changed in the hardware, OS or software setup.

In total I’ve burned about 250 DVD’s with it, and about 20 CD-R’s
Is my LG dying ? What’s the expected lifetime of such a writer ?
Could it be a fluke, so this last spindle is less quality and the writer decides to stick to 6x ?
I’ve ordered some Platinum DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02) that also gave me no problems in the past, to see if they still burn at 12x or stay at 6x or 8x

Any ideas ?

Perhaps you have 2 kind of different media in the same spindle, it happened to me once, and that could explain the diferent performance

I wouldn’t worry if I were you, probably you just got a lower quality spindle

Nope, same mediacode throughout.

Got the Platinum DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02) yesterday.
First one went fine, started at 6x, then 8x and ended at 12x.
But next one, the burner stayed at 6x speed all the time.

Looks like its dying on me, only after about 250 discs or so :confused:

MAybe it does some sort of quality check and reduces the writing speed accroding media quality.

Same thing happened to my LG 4163 today, with a TYG02 8x dvd-r. I think in my case, it was because my hd was too busy (I forgot to switch off another application with heavy disc acceess). The burn was excellent.

You are right. I’ve also observed it many times. 4163 tends to slow down burn speed if it detects that the internal buffer drops to zero bytes and the burn has to be suspended until more data comes in from the IDE bus.

Here’s an example of how it works. The red line is the burn speed, and lots of short orange spikes are relink points when the burn was momentarily stopped many times due to internal hardware buffer running out of data, because it wasn’t being filled fast enough for even 6x.

My case things are different though; no other apps are running, buffer stays full all the time.
Never had any problems with the RICOHJPNR02 and Prodisc-R03-03 before… :confused:

The only odd thing was that the DVDDECRYPTER, which I use to burn ISO’s, had a HIGH priority in WXP in stead of NORMAL.
I set it back.

Well, it still burns fine, but sometimes slower :o
I hope the 1st coaster won’t appear soon.

Seems my fears came true;

My GSA-4120B died last week after 10 months use and having burned about 250 DVD+R’s… :frowning:
Think the motor or driving circuitry seems gone, since it doesn’t spin anymore.
But I can still change firmware though !

I have had nothing but Issues with LG. the only reason I would keep them is because of DVD-RAM. I had originally bought a 4040, it died in 6 months, then got a 4082 in exchange for warranty, then got a 4012 2 months later when the 4082 died.