LG GSA-4120B Reviews: DVD+R DL, 12x DVD+R SL, 5x DVD-RAM


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I don’t know what’s new in A102.

I got confirmation from LG Electronics yesterday by email. In summary, LG does consider booktype utility for DVD+R(W) in GSA-4120B but has no plan to support 8x writing for 4x DVD+R media.

  1. LG sent firmware versions to the first testers of GSA-4120B in April and May that write to DVD+R media as DVD-ROM, meaning it writes DVD-ROM booktype instead of DVD+R on the disc. Officially, LG could not do it because of licensing and specifications. As everyone should know, LG has been one of the DVD Forum members supporting DVD-RAM and DVD-R/-RW, ignoring DVD+R(W). Even during the last one year, LG was only half-seriously supporting the newer formats. However, a lot has been changed. The very best features in the latest LG optical drives are related to the standard which LG objected in the first place. What’s the point of having 12x DVD+R and 2.4x DVD+R DL if it can’t burn the media properly to be played in standalone players and PC drives? Though even without firmware supporting booktype utility, GSA-4120B does great, setting DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM enhances compatibility with some players and drives. I have explained to LG that it is no violation of official DVD+RW specification, license, or whatever and some retail brands are supported with exactly such features, like Lite-On and HP.

  2. LG has no plan to support 8x DVD+R writing for some 4x DVD+R media. Though there have been exceptions, LG does not support over-speed writing because it is not official. Partly, it is a good policy, and surely it helps the media manufacturers to think again and to work harder in starting volume production of the newly annouced media like DVD+R DL and 12x DVD+R. Of course, it also helps many consumers to look for other companies such as Lite-On.

That’s all for now. I’ll send more mails about more issues.

Hi Kenshin,

Can you please ask LG to allow write Verify to be turned off by the user ? if not for the old models, at least for their new ones… Let us know if they answer back and what their justification will be.




That’s part of DVD-RAM specification, not GSA-4120B. LG can’t do that. You are suggesting a new format.

Ok so wait a sec, how come Panasonic who have been behind DVD-RAM ever since 1996 have always allowed this(to the best of my knowledge), but not LG ?

I wish i have acces to the DVD-RAM spec to verify this… argh, where are free specs when you need them ? :confused:

I will research this and let you know what i find…


I have the Panasonic LF-M621 (also known as the SW-9572 in OEM circles). It does DVD-RAM at 3x. 1.5x, really. About 2MB/s write speed. It can take DVD-RAM in cartridges, too. I burns CD-R(W) & DVD-R(W) as well but not DVD+R(W). It is going to be replaced in a few months with a 5x Panasonic model. Anyway, from the manual:

Using DVD-RAM discs
You must logically format a DVD-RAM disc before writing files on the disc.
Once you have logically formatted a DVD-RAM disc, it can be used to write files just as you would do with a floppy disk or hard disk.

This drive has greatly improved writing reliability because it has an automatic sector allocation function that verifies sectors written to, finds bad sectors, and then automatically moves the data to areas other than the user management region. It is also capable of high-speed writing without verification when using writing software such as the included B’s Recorder GOLD5 BASIC (see page 83). Use the method that suits your particular needs.

Writing to DVD-RAM discs with B’s Recorder GOLD5 BASIC
Apart from current hard disk-like operations such as drag-and-drop in Explorer or saving directly from an application, with B’s Recorder GOLD5 BASIC you can also write to DVD-RAM (apart from 2.6-GB and 5.2-GB discs) the same as you can with CD-R/RW.

• You can write additional data to DVD-RAM discs.
• You can select whether to have verification on or off when writing to DVD-RAM discs.
• The writing speed when verification is off is twice that of when verification is on when using Explorer or other applications to write to a disc.

• You cannot use Explorer or other applications to write to a DVD-RAM disc written to with B’s Recorder GOLD5 BASIC.
• It may be impossible to read from a disc that was written to with verification off. Turn verification on when backing up data and writing to a disc.
• Even if you choose to have verification off, the program still checks the disc and automatically writes to the disc with verification on if the condition of the disc requires.
• If you have written to a DVD-RAM with B’s Recorder GOLD5 BASIC with verification off and you want to write to it with other software, either use “Erase the entire disc” in B’s Recorder GOLD5 BASIC or DVDForm to physically format the disc. Both of these take between 40 and 90 minutes to complete.

I hope that answers some questions.

I haven't used the bundled B's Recorder Gold application and have no intention of doing so, given the limitations imposed above. 

DVD-RAM is a hardcore yet relatively inexpensive format for the common man, and that's why I love it. Quality and data integrity come first in its design, and for me it's the only HD-like "drag and drop" daily backup medium worth saving data to.

The speed of DVD-RAM is really not a problem for me, given the nature of how I use it; saving files in drips and drabs on the disc, and editing/deleting, whatever straight on the disc. It beats the pants off opening a burning app, writing all at once...not being able to edit files straight off the disc or using packet writing on cheap (and sub-optimal) DVD+- rewritable media. 

To me, the speed of writing is easily offset by the time saved and the flexibility of it's HD-like nature. Even files hundreds of megabytes copy relatively quickly because of the time saved just dragging and dropping, and not doing the song-and-dance you normally have to do with other formats if/when you simply want to edit or add files on disc.

It's early days yet for me, but I think there's far less worry of data integrity based on how the format is built. It's been out for years and proven itself, I feel. In other words, I prefer the drives to do verification at slower speed rather than speeding it up but sacrificing integrity. It's just fine for my uses. That said, I look forward to seeing some more 5x (2.5x) drives, particularly those from Matsushita, who I have a strong bias towards when it comes to DVD-RAM.

Happy RAMming ;)  <insert cheesy grin>


I heard that the 4082B and 4081B are really loud DVD-Drives.
How about the 4120B, is it louder, the same or even more quiet.
Thank you.


Hmm, compared to my Pioneer A-105, it’s whisper quyet…
(the 4040B, that is…)

I don’t know where you’ve heard that but my 4082B is quiet. you hearnothing. nada.
If your friends get a lot of noise they should check the quality of the discs they buy (balancing), installation, and perhaps a defect in the drive.

Has anybody tried burning to Verbatim 8x DVD+R or Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R at 12x speed other than my friends in Seoul or Anandtech?

The Verbatim 8x will only be burnt at 8x not 12x. (A101 by TDB).

Hi there,

I was almost buying this drive here, as I saw the opinion upon this product by some people. Here’s the link: http://www.geizhals.at/deutschland/?sr=102883,-1
So I’m bit concerned cause there isn’t a real state about it.
And 60% satisfied is not what I wanna be with this drive.
The NEC 2500 got about 82%.
What is the big advantage of the 4120B towards the NEC, besides 12X(no big difference), DL(the NEC 2510 is about 83 Euro) and DVD-RAM(which I don’t need).
OK, I heard bitsetting is already included in the firmware.
But what else?
It is really hard to decide cause there is no real test out by a confidential source.

Thank you very much.

I’m not sure what you meant by “confidential” source.

Bewertungen und Meinungen
11 von 18 Besuchern empfehlen dieses Produkt (61.11%).
Leistungsdaten/Ausstattung: (3.38)
Preis-/Leistung: (3.30)
Qualität: (3.48)
Support: (3.26)

11 out of 18, right? Only 18 persons spent some time with GSA-4120B so far and how many people have used ND-2500?

Anyway, since you don’t need 12x speed and 5x DVD-RAM, why compare it with ND-2510A at all? You should compare it with Lite-On 1213A and Plextor PX-712A if you have already chose to choose among the 12x DVD writers.

Hi Kenshin,

Thank you for your quick reply but that’s not my point.
I want to buy a DVD-Burner now.
Therefore I searched for some opinion in this Forum and elsewhere.

As you already stated, there is no big difference between 8X and 12X.
And I also don’t want to spend much money.
The LG is the one, I wanted to buy as I already told you.

That’s why I wanted to know wheather you have good experience with it(PIs and POs,
Media Compatibility and so on) or not.

I also don’t need a DL Drive right know cause the medias are too expensive right now
and I think/hope the DL write performance will increase while the media get cheaper till next year or so.

The 4082B was awarded many times here in Germany, so I think the 4120B is a good drive.

Thank you very much for your support till now.

My point was that since you don’t feel the need for 12x DVD+R, 5x DVD-RAM, and DL, why care about 4120B at all? If you don’t need any of them, the more likely candidate should be GSA-4082B. The price of GSA-4082B must be about equal to that of ND-2500A.

Mitsubishi Verbatim 8x DVD+R still only at 8x with A101 and A102 firmware.


any of this in english?? :wink:

i think i hav similar experience. though nero said 12x,guess it is just 8x
see here

Hey, good to see you here, raygay. :slight_smile:

Go try the S$2.30 CyQ’ve 8x DVD+R at Kao Yap level3 SLS.

thanks 4 ur recommendation. will try soon