LG GSA-4120B Reviews: DVD+R DL, 12x DVD+R SL, 5x DVD-RAM

Thanks to LG Electronics and the two reviewers in Seoul, I have already seen how LG’s latest DVD Multi burner performs.

by Mr. kimya95

The sample drive was provided by LG Electronics in Seoul and Pyungtaek, South Korea. The files are hosted by me. Everything was done by Mr. kimya95 in Seoul, an SI admin. The reviews are all in Hangul, but there are also English, Arabic numbers, pictures, and tables.

1/9 Product Features
2/9 Test Environment
3/9 Media Compatibility
4/9 DVD Recording Test
5/9 DVD-RAM Recording Test
6/9 CD-R Recording Test
7/9 DVD Reading Performance
8/9 DVD Ripping Performance
9/9 Concluding…

The translation above was done by me. Upon request and degrees of importance, I’ll translate the rest.

He gave nearly perfect score to GSA-4120B, 97 out of 100. The only thing he didn’t like was its DVD ripping speed. DVD+R DL media was not provided as of this time.

Another review by Mr. innundo at SI is coming as well. He has already let me see his own media compatibility table. More than 100 media were tested. Since his workplace is right in the biggest computer market in South Korea, he’s got some advantages. GSA-4120B could also write to That’s YUDEN000T02 at up to 12x speed in addition to RICOHJPNR02. Verbatim MCC003 and RiDATA Ritek R03 only at 8x. I’m not sure whether it’s also alright to link the review here. He’ll decide.

I haven’t contacted LG concerning DVD+R DL recording. Internal pictures will follow soon.

Does anybody know about GSA-4120B chipset? I’ve seen the picture but haven’t identified who designed it. Hitachi?


Media compatibility table by Mr. Innundo.

Can you disable the DVD-RAM verify so you can actually get the full 5X speed out of it ??

I hate LG for not allowing me to do that with my 4040B :a

Thanks for any info,


Ah (or perhaps aagh!) - is that why my 4082B takes so long with DVD-RAM? I thought it was just my underpowered computer… Is there somewhere that this verification issue is explained?

I don’t think so. DVD-RAM 5x is about as fast as DVD+RW 2.4x.

DVD-RAM: http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-272.htm

DVD FAQ: http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html#4.3.4

I don’t have a quick answer but there are some links. :slight_smile:

Damn LG :frowning:

How come Panasonic allows the write verify to be turned off ?? I wish someone would make a firmware hack to turn this off. Then, 5x DVD-RAM woould actually be worth buying.



What about bitsetting capabilities? This feature is necessary for DL.
Or does this writer at least sets the “DVD-ROM”-flag by default?


No idea what it sets as default but there was never available such utilityes in the past for LG burners so chances are there won’t be any for this one. (I personally don’t need any… I just wish they would allow us to take off the Verify option for DVD-RAM)

So far, I haven’t heard of one to be offered by LG but this could change if a lot of users ask LG.

I thought the defect management feature was built right into the hardware and it’s part of DVD-RAM media specification. DVD+RW initially was similar to DVD-RAM and then changed later.

Hi, I’m new to the forum and my english is not so good, so forgive me please.

I’m pretty interested in seeing the review you told us about, but I don’t know why I can’t open the page, ie always says that can’t show the page. Is there any possibility of posting the results here?

Sorry. The domain and server are my personal properties and I didn’t do some things to keep them running. It’ll be fixed in about two hours.

No, I can’t post the result here because I haven’t asked the author and I have no other web server to host the files.

Without “bitsetting” utility’s help, GSA-4120B sets it to DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R. That might help increasing the compatibility of DVD+R DL disks recorded by GSA-4120B with existing DVD-Video standalone players and DVD-ROM PC drives.

so, is it not necessary to use any bitsetting utility?
are you sure that 4120b sets dvd-rom bit automatically when using dvd+r/rw/DL? how did you know that?
it is a very great news!

Mr. kimya95 today successfully conducted his first DVD+R DL writing with GSA-4120B. Of course, he also used a Mitsubishi DL media.




thank you Kenshin
do you know if any kprobe scans are available?

No. He’s not a KProbe enthusiast. But the booktype was set to DVD-ROM by default and his standalone DVD-Video player had no problem playing the DVD+R DL video disc recorded by GSA-4120B.

Update: At least one of the more recent firmware revisions for GSA-4120B seems to do that, but one of the earlier versions do not, making it DVD+R.


Hi, i tried A100, A101 Orig., A101 patched, and now (thanks to the link) i am using N0AD, because its the only firmware for the gsa-4120b which allows dvd-rom bitsetting, at least for single layer burning ( still no dual layer discs in germany available.

If i can make a suggestion, it would be nice to have bitsetting for A101.

Anyway, thanks to all the patchers, Herrie, The (fabulous famous) Dangerous Brothers, etc.

So now there are at least six known firmware for GSA-4120B, including official, hacked, and pre-release.